Film Discussion | Deadpool

Here’s something different I don’t often discuss on this blog – films. Now, I love a good film as much as the next person but I am also very easily pleased when it comes to cinematic efforts. That is to say Thor is genuinely one of my favourite films, with rom com staples like Legally Blonde, The Proposal, and Leap Year vying for the runner-up spot after Marvel’s masterpiece. And my love of Thor is not all to do with the shit-stirrer that is Loki – not entirely, at least. What I am trying to explain, in a very long winded way is that, I am not a film buff. I have studied very little film theory (GCSE Media Studies doesn’t seem to count, and so it shouldn’t to be honest) and the only class I ever took on film was about adaptations of Victorian novels onto the big screen. I’m not a connoisseur of cinema is the main point I’m making here.

Which brings me onto the film I am choosing to uncharacteristically review here – Marvel’s latest offering Deadpool. This film is categorically not for everyone, it’s a polarising offering and I think I was perhaps the only one of my group of friends who actually really liked it. Because Deadpool chronicles an origin story like no other. It’s refreshing – it’s loud, it’s crude, it’s so meta and self-aware, it’s unapologetically violent (and laughs at that violence), and if you’re expecting the warm underlying message of Captain America, where even the littlest guy can be the biggest hero, then perhaps it’s best you steer clear of Deadpool. 

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