#TBRTakedown 3.5 Wrap-Up

TBR Takedown 3.5 happened this past weekend so I thought it was high time to do a little wrap-up of how the readathon went for me. For anyone who doesn’t know, TBR Takedown is a readathon hosted by Shannon from the booktube channel leaninglights – you can find her TBR video for the readathon here. This round was a shorter format so took place last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and I had a lot of fun with following the #TBRTakedown hashtag on Twitter and, of course, reading the books I picked in my TBR.

 Day Minus One (7th April)

10.30pm – Since I have an important application due tomorrow which I need to stress over, I think I might cheat and start the readathon a little early. Seeing other people do this on Twitter isn’t helping to restrain me!

11.00pm – I cheated and started (and finished) Saga Volume 1 before it’s even hit midnight. Suffice to say, people weren’t wrong, it’s great, I loved it. In fact #damnthatsgoodstuff seemed to be my attempt at a mini-review on Twitter and, as Shannon agreed, it’s as good as any. Think I might read a little of the novel I chose for this readathon, Janet Ellis’ The Butcher’s Hook, until I feel sleepy enough to go to sleep.

Day One (8th April)

8.00pm – I’ve spent most of today working on (or procrastinating working on) my application so it was probably a good thing that I managed to read Saga Volume 1 and some of The Butcher’s Hook last night/this morning. I’m now 112 pages into it and it’s… well… not quite what I was expecting, more upfront about the adult themes than I expected. That’s all I will say for now.

Day Two (9th April)

7.00pm – After visiting family as we do every Saturday, I came home about 5pm and sat down to read the final 1/3 of The Butcher’s Hook. Still not sure what to make of it – it certainly took a turn I wasn’t expecting and it was very evocative, interesting, well-written etc. Just not sure how much it will stick with me… though the description of the butchers at work definitely will. Must review this one asap.

I also came home to a parcel- my pre-order of Alexandra Bracken’s Passenger has arrived finally. I say finally but it’s only been out two days I think, still that’s quite slow for Amazon. In any case I need to decide whether to stick to my TBR and move onto Saga Volume 2 or whether to pick that up instead. I should probably return to the book I was reading before the readathon (Jim Butcher’s The Aeronaut’s Windlass) if anything because I was really enjoying that and it reads quite quickly despite its intimidating size. I’ll mull over my options whilst my food cooks I think.

Day Three (10th April)

9.00pm – My brain is not conducive to reading right now, but I’m likewise indecisive as to what film or TV show to fill the time with. Think I might finally try to catch up with what I’ve missed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, namely Age of Ultron.

11.30pm – I did end up watching Age of Ultron – side note, does anyone feel like that film tried to introduce way too much stuff into it? I was confused as to decisions and motivations for a lot of the screen time tbh. Also the decision to pursue Banner and Natasha- I mean seriously why? Anyways, back to the readathon, I have about 30 mins before it finishes where I am so I might read a few more chapters of The Aeronaut’s Windlass until midnight/I fall asleep.


Overall I’m so pleased with what I managed to read over the course of TBR Takedown. I know to some people only reading one novel and two graphic novels might be a little slow-going but for me that’s great! Especially when a readathon takes place over the weekend which are actually the worst times for reading for me because family stuff etc. etc. Also, I finally read Saga which I’ve been meaning to do for months, probably years at this point, but the only problem with that is that I now want to buy the other volumes but am only a semi-book buying ban. Meanwhile The Butcher’s Hook was a very surprising read, though I should have expected it from the title! I even wrote a review already for it – again, for me, that’s good going to have written a review already.

So, overall, I would call TBR Takedown a success and I’m really glad I took part, and once again Shannon from leaninglights did such a great job of hosting. I’d highly recommend you check out TBR Takedown and here’s to the next round!

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Review | The Butcher’s Hook by Janet Ellis

28666153Title: The Butcher’s Hook (2016)
Author: Janet Ellis
Read: 7th-9th April 2016
Genre: historical fiction; romance
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Janet Ellis’ début has been variously described as bold, dark, weird, and brutal – all of these adjectives suit the first-time author’s historical fiction romance but still don’t quite do justice to its brash and unapologetic narrative.

” ‘In this world we, not an invisible deity, are the architects of our lives.’ He waited to see what I would say, bouncing his fingers against his lips. I said nothing.”

Set in 1763, Ellis paints a realist picture of Georgian London through the eyes of nineteen-year old Anne Jaccob, a daughter of sufficiently wealthy parents whose entire life is confined and constricted to the walls within which she lives. As all respectable young ladies, she is educated only enough for good sense (no less, no more) but her determination to be more, to pursue more for herself than the insipid husband her parents have organised for her to marry, leads to an education in life that few would expect initially from a book that bears the phrases ‘Georgian London’, ‘historical fiction’ and ‘romance’. In fact, the Georgian society that Anne walks amongst is worlds away from the gentility of country balls and careful courtship seen in the likes of Jane Austen’s novels, and the great strength of The Butcher’s Hook lies in the (at times) horrible and surprising turns that the path of this novel takes its readers down from the very first pages.

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#TBRTakedown 3.5

Today I bring you my intentions for a little readathon called TBR Takedown 3.5. TBR Takedown is hosted by Shannon from leaninglights and this round of the readathon will run from midnight on 8th April until midnight on 10th April. For more information you can watch Shannon’s TBR video or check out the readathon Twitter.

I like the format of this readathon because it makes it very casual and perfect for indecisive people such as myself. I’ve decided to really restrict my TBR for this readathon because I know from experience that if I set overly ambitious TBRs I never complete them. However Shannon does specify some challenges to help shape your readathon TBRs – and you can definitely double-up on books, an element which speaks to my lazy side! So with those in mind my TBR for #TBRTakedown is:


I’ve been on a bit of a library kick at the moment which means I really neglect my own collection but, hey, I’m still reading so as long as that stack of library books gets smaller I suppose that’s still fine. In that vein I recently checked out The Butcher’s Hook by Janet Ellis. This is a début historical fiction novel set in Georgian London and, from what I can gather, it tells the story of Anne who is set to be married off into a loveless marriage when into her life comes the butcher’s boy, Fub, who complicates matters. I assume romance ensues, society isn’t happy, snobbery abound etc. etc. I’ve heard positive reviews of this one so I’m looking forward to reading it.

Second is a graphic novel which I’m sure needs no introduction – Saga Volume 1 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples. The first issue of Saga has been on my TBR since late 2014 so this first volume definitely fulfils the challenge criteria, as well as being something I keep meaning to read but always find excuses not to. I’m very hesitant to try this since so many people have raved about it – is anyone else hesitant to try something because so many people like it and there’s a pressure to also like it? Well, I feel that with Saga, which is the only reason I’ve not yet read this epic sci-fi graphic novel series. I have the first two volumes so, hopefully, I’ll be able to read both of them during the readathon and it is technically fulfilling the criteria to catch up with a series since this is definitely the first step in making an effort to catch up to where everyone else is- eagerly awaiting the sixth volume.

So, there we have it – that was my very low commitment TBR for TBR Takedown. Are you participating? If so please do leave your TBRs or TBR posts in the comments below, I’d love to see what everyone else is planning to read.

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