Film/TV in 2016

Yes, I know the title sucks but I am uncreative so this is all I have. My rationale behind this project is that I am a serial re-watcher and because of it I miss out of a huge wave of new releases, or just ‘never get around to’ watching films and TV shows that I have meant to watch for years. So this project (using the term ‘project’ as loosely as it ever could be) is my way of trying to fix that. This page will document its success (read: failure) throughout the year.

1. Blue Jasmine, dir. by Woody Allen
Watched: 6th April 2016
Rating: 4/5
Comments: Not “hilarious” in the least, the comedy turns oddly sad and poignant when you realise where Jasmine’s life has gone. I guess that’s Woody Allen for you. Cate Blanchett = queen)

2. The Huntsman: Winter’s War

3. Ant-Man

4. Captain America: Civil War

5. Fresh Meat

6. Campus
Watched: w/c 10th October  2016
Rating: 3.5/5
Comments: Weird af, surreal at times, but with grounding in “real” humans (I hesitate to include Jonty de Wolfe in this category), and some great comedy talent popping up. You can tell it’s from the same minds as Green Wing. I actually really enjoyed it and I’m not entirely sure why people hated it so much. Shame it only has one series, in my opinion, could have been a grower.