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  • Friday Reads | 22nd December 2017

    Welcome one, welcome all, to quite a late and impromptu Friday Reads. I’ve just got home from a meal with some of my school friends from back home so it’s safe to say that this is going to be brief. It’s getting to be crunch time with my reading goals for 2017 – there’s not…

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  • Friday Reads | 8th December 2017

    Friday Reads | 8th December 2017

    As you might remember from my Taking Stock/December TBR post, I took a look at the remaining challenges I had left to complete for the Around the Year in 52 Books reading challenge and I devised a (loose) TBR for the remainder of the year to fulfil all of the remaining prompts. I’m happy to…

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  • Currently Reading/Watching | 1st December

    Currently Reading/Watching | 1st December

    You may have noticed, my blogging has slowed down. Why? No real reason, to be honest, apart from the fact that I’m lazy and right now I’d rather consume the culture (be it films, TV, or books) than write content about it. I go through phases, my blogging mojo will undoubtedly (read: hopefully) pick back…

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  • Friday Reads | 19th May 2017

    Friday Reads | 19th May 2017

    Another week, another Friday rolls around. You may remember in my last Friday Reads, I was still absorbed in the weird and wonderful world of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods (a review of which will be up later today) and having quite the run of longer books. In wanting to break away from that I decided to pick…

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  • Friday Reads | 5th May 2017

    Friday Reads | 5th May 2017

    Well guys, not to sound like a broken record here but it’s the end of another working week which means it is high time for another Friday Reads in which I will discuss the book I’m currently reading and my bookish plans going into this upcoming weekend. I haven’t done a Friday Reads in a…

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  • Friday Reads | 31st March 2017

    Well folks, the last Friday Reads I did I was saying that I couldn’t believe it was halfway through February and here we are at the end of March. Yep, that happened. So let’s just remain in a state of denial about the fact three whole months of 2017 have passed and focus instead on…

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  • Friday Reads | 17th February 2017

    It’s here again, folks, it’s another Friday. Yes, another week has gone by – scary, isn’t it? I just refuse to believe it is more than halfway through February, I simply refuse. The days/weeks are going by far too quickly for my own liking. But, still, the world rolls on and we too must roll with it,…

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  • Friday Reads | 27th January 2017

    Another Friday, another Friday Reads. Another week has gone by, folks, and the world keeps on turning on… As you may have seen in last week’s Friday Reads post, I foolishly decided to try reading Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, because I’m a masochist, apparently. If I’m being honest, when I decided to set one of my…

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  • Friday Reads | 20th January 2017

    Yes, I’m doing 2 Friday Reads posts in a row. Why? Well, to be honest, this week has been a bit just bitty… low level stuff has happened that made me not get the opportunity, or desire, to post. Also, mostly, I’m lazy. But here we are, another Friday, another weekend looming so let’s try…

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  • Friday Reads | 13th January 2017

    Another week, another Friday, another Friday Reads. This one is a little special, however, since it’s my first of 2017. Happy 2017, here’s to (probably inevitably) more of the same… at least in terms of reading! On that note, I’m still reading/listening to the audiobook I was listening to in my previous Friday Reads back…

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