Bout of Books Day 4

Another quick update post for the Bout of Books 11 Read-a-thon, day 4 dawns *cue dramatic music*


2pm – I have officially read… precisely no more pages since yesterday on account of taking care of a very squirmy toddler who demands attention. I’m going out for a meal tonight which once again means reading will possibly be very limited today. I did, however, go to my local library and get my account reactivated so in terms of getting useful errands done, today has been great haha.

6:30pm – this video pretty much sums today’s progress up. I’m clearly quite bad at read-a-thons, but hey, at least the challenges make me think about books some more every day?


Like This, Try This @ Writing My Own Fairytale


If you liked Dracula by Bram Stoker, you should try Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and/or The Monk by Matthew Lewis because:

Are you participating? How are your weeks faring? Comment below, I’d love to have a bit of a chat.

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