Friday Reads ¦ 23rd January 2015

I think everyone knows the drill now – if not literally check my previous post which explains. This is a Friday Reads post about my reading intentions for this weekend. Let’s not waste precious time or space…

 by Christopher Marlowe (x)

The only Marlowe I’ve read previously (and I forgot it was even Marlowe, whoops) is Edward II, a play which I enjoyed immensely knowing precisely nothing about the eponymous Edward or the play itself. I didn’t really have expectations and I was pleasantly surprised. The same goes for this. A quick peek at some seminar preparation notes reveals we’re looking at it in terms of ‘turning turk’ and ideas of colonisation I think so that’s a little hint as to the themes of this play but I’m not going to dig any more, I’m just going to start reading I think. Who knows, maybe I’ll be on a roll and finally get around to reading Doctor Faustus like I’ve meant to for years.

My True Love Gave To Me: Twelve Holiday Stories ed. by Stephanie Perkins (x)

I am so behind the trend with this book it’s unbelievable. Much like I read A Christmas Carol nearly a month after the time when everyone else was picking it up, I’m doing the exact same with this collection of short stories. I’ve heard mixed things about this; as with most short story collections, I’m told some really hit the mark and some really really miss, because of the shortness of length the mode demands ie. the ones with fantastical elements don’t quite work out as well as the strictly contemporary or young adult ones do. But we’ll see, I’m a couple of stories in already and I have to say what I’m enjoying most is the difference between the two, variety… it’s the spice of life or something, yes?

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling (x)

I started re-reading the Harry Potter series over summer, flying through the first few books in a matter of days, and then that progress stalled around September time. What with coming back to university, I brought along the final two books in the series but all they did in Michaelmas term is take up room on my bookshelf, so time to do something with them I think. I hope to finish these off fairly quickly so I might crack open Half Blood Prince over the course of this weekend.

It’s a weird sort of TBR pile, I do appreciate that, but I feel as if this is what my reading habits (and quite a lot of my habits actually) are like – the oddest mix of texts and films and music and yet I like it all. So yes, the top one is the one I absolutely must read for class but the other fun ones will probably get a look in at the weekend too, knowing me and my terrible time management skills. What fun!

What are you reading this weekend? Comment below or link me to your own Friday Reads video/blog, I’m nosy remember, I like to know.

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