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Since the last mini read-a-thon I took place in (#TBRTakedown for those interested) worked out quite well for me due to my low expectations for myself, I’ve decided to continue in that vein by participating in a week-long readathon this upcoming week. This time it’s AuthorAThon.

AuthorAThon is a new readathon created by Joana which runs from 12:00am on 18th April until 11:59pm on 24th April. I first heard of the event through Sam at Thoughts on Tomes when she announced that she was acting as co-host for the readathon in her TBR video. The idea of this readathon is to pick a prolific author you want to read and read as many books by them as you can for the entire week. Alternatively, if there is more than one author you’re interested in, the hosts have devised a set of challenges to follow instead. It’s also fine (encouraged even!) to double up on books and challenges and to continue books already started prior to the readathon. I like this looser attitude towards readathoning so I am definitely all for the concept of AuthorAThon, even if my own participation will probably turn out quite laid back and low key. Still, God loves a trier, right?

1. Read a book by a favourite author
2. Read a new-to-you author
3. Give an author a second chance
4. Read a début author (2015 or 2016)
5. Read a book written by more than one author
6. Read a book from an author who is from a different continent than you are

I have quite a few library books I should really get around to, so I can clear that backlog and actually start reading my own damn books already. I recently decided the Mount TBR challenge would be a good idea for this so obviously I need to clear my immediate TBR stack so I can get to work on reading the books I wasted my own money on! Combining that with the AuthorAThon seems like a good idea so that’s my main intention for the following week’s reading.

This is less of a strict TBR and more of a ‘here are some books I need to read that maybe fit in with the challenges so I’ll be choosing from this stack’ TBR.

Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff – for challenge #2, #6

The Gap of Time
by Jeanette Winterson – for challenge #3

Glamour in Glass
by Mary Robinette Kowal – for challenge #6

Shadows of Self
by Brandon Sanderson – for challenge #6
The Wicked + the Divine by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie – for challenge #5

As you can see, I’m still drawing a blank for challenges #1 and #4 but if I even manage the other 4 that will be a miracle so let’s see what happens, shall we? So there we have it – that was my “TBR” for the Author-a-thon. Are you participating? If so please do leave your TBRs or TBR posts in the comments below, I’d love to see what everyone else is planning to read. If not, and you have a week to read ahead, why not consider it? Information can be found at the AuthorAThon’s Twitter.

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