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toptentuesdayAnother Tuesday, another Top Ten Tuesday. For those who don’t know, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the book bloggers and list lovers, The Broke and the Bookish, and each week they post a topic for bloggers to respond to. This week’s theme is about getting excited for all the great books due out in the latter half of this year: Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases For The Second Half Of The Year. (I’m taking this to mean any books coming out from now, basically because there are a couple I wanted to sneak in here but they’re published in June!)

savageBonus: This Savage Song – V.E. Schwab
(Greenwillow, 5th July or Out Now for us lucky UK-ers)

We’ll start of with this bonus pick because it’s already out in the UK and I already possess it – yes it’s all lovely and shiny and new (and as yet untouched) on my bookshelf. I love Schwab as a writer – I frequently stalk her Twitter to get an insight into the reality of being an author and boy, oh boy, is she a level of organised I aspire to. So, obviously, I would anticipate any and all of her creative pursuits (especially since I’m off to YALC to hear her speak at a panel!). This one promises to be deliciously dark urban fantasy and in Victoria’s own words: “It’s the story of Kate Harker, the only daughter of a crime boss, and August Flynn, the son of a man trying to hold his city together. Kate is a human who wants to be a monster, and August a monster who wishes he were human.” Yes, just yes.

furthermore10. Furthermore – Tahereh Mafi
(Puffin, 1st September)

I don’t know whether it’s Whitney from Whittynovels’ entire fault but- I lied it is entirely Whitney’s fault, because if it hadn’t been for her infectious enthusiasm about this book it probably wouldn’t have even factored in on my radar. I haven’t read the Shatter Me series and, at this point, I’m a little scared to do so since I’m like 68% sure it won’t be for me. However, Whitney has sold me on this Alice in Wonderland retelling simply because of this phrase in her review “I ADORED Ferenwood. It was like Diagon Alley on cocaine” – if that’s not a way to sell a book then frankly I don’t know what is.

ontheotherside9. On the Other Side – Carrie Hope Fletcher
(Sphere, 14th July)

I follow Carrie on social media, I saw her play Eponine in the West End, I’m a big fan of her YouTube channel, so obviously I would like to support her other creative endeavours, namely this, her debut novel. It promises to be sweet, magical, romantic, and I’m expecting it to be a little twee – in the best way possible.




8. Vinegar Girl – Anne Tyler
(Vintage, 16th June)

The latest in the Hogarth Shakespeare series which sees contemporary authors re-tell Shakespeare’s plays, Vinegar Girl is the re-telling (or “remix”, as they seem to enjoy dubbing these things that) of The Taming of the Shrew. I’m really curious about how that one will be re-told since it’s one of the more contentious plays, from a feminist point of view, and years upon years of scholarship will argue one thing and then the other. Mostly I’m just looking forward to seeing how this is treated by a contemporary author. Bonus point: it’ll be my first Anne Tyler, and maybe that’ll inspire me to pick up some more of her books!

actsoflove7. Acts of Love – Talulah Riley
(Hodder & Stoughton, 11th August)

Frankly, I don’t know the first thing about this book. I first saw it on a Goodreads giveaway (which I unfortunately didn’t win) and then had a moment of ‘hang on… I know that name’. A quick Google later and I realised yes it was that Talulah Riley, actress in St Trinian’s or, alternatively, Pride and Prejudice. I loved her as Mary Bennett (and as Annabelle Fritton, for what it’s worth) and that shouldn’t be enough incentive to add her debut novel to my TBR but it is. I’m so fickle. But I will be reading this, allegedly “a bold, intelligent, and modern love story”.

crookedkingdom6. Crooked Kingdom – Leigh Bardugo
(Orion, 27th September)

I loved the Grisha trilogy (I’m a sucker for an obviously dark, brooding and charming villain, duh), but, since I’m told Bardugo’s writing picks up in this series, I’m very much looking forward to revisiting the Grisha world by way of (I’m reliably informed) a heist plot. I still haven’t read Six of Crows but intend to, as a matter of urgency, and I’m sure the September release date of this sequel will push the first book up my TBR list.

themuse5. The Muse – Jessie Burton
(Picador, 30th June)

Although not quite what I was expecting, I adored Burton’s first novel The Miniaturist, so I’ve been eagerly anticipating her sophomore novel ever since I saw its artwork. It promises to be captivating, mesmerising, all those wonderful adjectives, and involves art and painting somehow – that seems enough reason to pre-order it.


fateofthetearling4. The Fate of the Tearling – Erika Johansen
(Bantam, 1st December)

Yet another sequel makes the list! This will be the third book and the conclusion to Johansen’s Tearling trilogy, the second book of which I have yet to read so I won’t be looking at the synopsis for this third book too closely in case of spoilers. I found the first book oddly refreshing considering the initial premise (hidden princess comes back to reclaim her throne, has to learn about court politics, faces adversity etc. etc.) is quite trope-y but what Johansen did with it was surprisingly mature and interesting. I loved it. So I’m bound to love the second book and then this third one.

hagseed3. Hag-Seed – Margaret Atwood
(Vintage, 6th October)

It’s Margaret Atwood. It’s Shakespeare. It’s specifically The Tempest retold. Do I need to explain myself further? I don’t think so.




torchagainstthenight2. A Torch Against the Night – Sabaa Tahir
(Harper Voyager, 8th September)

I basically bought An Ember in the Ashes out of sheer relief that here, allegedly, was a stand-alone fantasy. Cut to this after book’s release and obviously, obviously, a sequel was announced – I wasn’t best pleased, given that I was so so happy to see a standalone fantasy amongst all the fucking trilogies. (Please excuse my French but it pisses me off so much – can no one think outside of threes?) But, having read An Ember in the Ashes, it’s not surprising that a second book may (MAY) be necessary to continue Laia and Elias’ story. I really hope this doesn’t disappoint because I’ve got high hopes.

chamberofsecrets1. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Illustrated Edition – JK Rowling and Jim Kay
(Bloomsbury, 4th October)

Are there any self-respecting Harry Potter fans who aren’t anticipating this? Didn’t think so. If I’m brutally honest, as much as I love being granted another look into the world of Harry Potter, I’m starting to feel a bit iffy about the play and the upcoming film. (whispers it feels a bit like it’s squeezing as much profit from the Harry Potter idea as possible?? Don’t kill me, I still love JK Rowling, I’m just a little like ‘be done with it if you say you’re going to be done with it’.) Right, enough of that negativity and let’s get back to ending on a positive note – Jim Kay’s illustrations are stunningly beautiful and will bring Harry Potter alive for yet another generation. Some of us who grew up with the series will also buy this because, duh, an excuse to have yet another copy of Harry Potter? Yes please!

Are you anticipating any of these releases?
What books are you looking forward to in the remainder of 2016?
Comment below or link your Top Ten Tuesday post below if you have one – I’d love to read it.

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14 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday | Anticipated 2016 Releases”

    • I actually much prefer the US edition’s cover but, hey, the UK got it much earlier than the US so I can’t be too disappointed! :P


    • Same here! At first I thought ‘can I really justify buying more editions of Harry Potter?’ but if it’s one a year, I can definitely justify that quite easily. :)

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    • I’m intrigued to see what extra A Torch Against the Night will add to the storyline since An Ember in the Ashes was so good. :)

      Aww thank you!


  1. What?! I haven’t heard of the new Margaret Atwood yet and I’m ASHAMED of myself what the HELL. Definitely looking it up rn and putting this on my wishlist.


    • Haha, I only knew about it because I’ve been keeping an eye on the Hogarth Shakespeare series and waiting for my favourite plays to come up – and The Tempest is definitely one of my faves so I NEED this book. :)


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