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Today I bring you a book tag, the fantastic ‘I Messed Up’ Book Tag which I saw recently over at Thrice Reads. And without any more of my usual preamble, let’s get started on the tag…

A Character Appearance You Misread or Imagined Differently?

Probably most of the Lord of the Rings characters – although, hey, I much prefer the films’ interpretations, particularly Aragorn. Yes please.

A Character Name That You’ve Been Pronouncing Wrong?

I read a lot of fantasy so I probably pronounce most fantasy characters’ names incorrectly, to be honest. Case in point: Chaol from Throne of Glass, no matter how much I know it’s pronounced like gaol (jail), my internal voice still goes ‘kay-oh-el’ which isn’t even phonetically accurate. No, I don’t know why my internal voice insists on this, but I always correct her, to no avail!

An Overused Trope That Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

The ‘first they hate each other then they grow to love each other’ trope… I’m such a sucker for them – this is why I enjoy Pride and Prejudice so much, as well as more questionable iterations of it in films such as Chasing Liberty, Leap Year, and The Proposal.

A Cliché Character That You Like Better On Screen Than Reading About?

I’m not sure what the ‘cliché’ in this question refers to but the first thing that jumped to mind was Katniss from The Hunger Games. I’m not sure why but if it sprung to mind I can only assume my head is trying to tell me something. I think probably because that whole ‘strong female heroine saves the day in a dystopian wasteland’ trope has become very old hat by this point, but I really do enjoy Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal of Katniss in The Hunger Games film.

A Word Or Phrase That You Learned Because of Its Use In Books?

Surreptitiously, plethora, demonstrably… quite a lot of words actually.

Have You Ever Read/Not Completed A Required Reading Book For School?

Confession time: I haven’t strictly ever finished Spenser’s The Faerie Queene or Milton’s Paradise Lost. I am chastened and ashamed. Especially since I graduated last year with an MA with Distinction in… Early modern literature. Oh, the shame!

How You Ever Skipped (Or Wanted To) A Chapter From The Point Of View Of A Character You Weren’t Interested In?

Oh god Bran, Bran, Bran, Bran from A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. I’m sorry, does anyone care about Bran’s POV?

Have You Ever Cancelled Social Plans To Read A Book?

Thankfully it hasn’t ever come to that – mostly because I have very few social plans ever! And if I do it tends to be the cinema or to go get food, usually with people who understand #readerproblems.

That was The ‘I Messed Up’ Book Tag. I hope you enjoyed seeing my answers. Perhaps you would consider doing the tag yourself?
If so – consider yourself tagged by me!

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