Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon 2016 | Updates Post


Welcome one, welcome all to my updates post for Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon! (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go here to see my intentions for this readathon. Are we all up to speed? Yes? Good!)

As mentioned in said Intentions post, I’m not the best when it comes to sticking rigidly to a TBR so I’ve just selected a random stack of books that I may potentially (/should) pick up during the 24 hours of the readathon today and I’ll keep you updated here (as well as on Twitter and Instagram probably) as to how it all goes. Let’s get reading, folks…


Hour 0-1 / 2.00pm – hour 1 is down and I’ve read precisely nothing yet since I showered and dressed instead. But the coffee pot is now on so that’s definitely a sign reading is imminent. Starting off by continuing to read Crooked Kingdom which I started earlier this week.

Hour 1-2 / 3.00pm – It’s just turned 3pm, we’re two hours into the readathon and I’ve managed lunch and 42 pages of my book. Not too shabby but I’d like to pick up the pace a little.

Hour 2-3 / 4.00pm – I’m at page 186 of Crooked Kingdom which sounds respectable until you realise I only read 16 pages in the past hour. How? I literally do not know where that time went.

Hour 3-4 / 5.00pm – I’m at page 246 but I had to stop for a while to squeal over Matthias and Nina because they’re idiot children (well, Matthias is) and I love them to death. Please don’t get hurt, ok???

5.30pm – Can I make it to page 300 before we stop reading to watch Strictly Come Dancing instead? I have about an hour. That should be easy but my reading pace today has been tragic to be perfectly honest.

Hour 4-5 / 6.07pm – Page 304, yes, made my goal before Strictly and with time left to make food – success!!

Hour 6-7 / 8.30pm – Strictly is all finished so now it’s back to the readathon and reading!

Hour 7-8 / 9.oopm – I’m at page 337 and my babies were fighting (Jesper and Kaz specifically) and now they’re not and shit might be hitting the fan but Kaz has his scheming face on so all is well in the world and I just love them all and want to squish them together like one big, happy (if fucked up) family. I just want to protect them from the big, bad world, and from themselves. Yeah, I’m emotional about this book.

Hour 8-9 / 10.00pm – Ok I don’t know why or how but I managed to get distracted by nothing in particular on the Internet for a whole hour. This is where all my lost time goes – joylessly and aimlessly scrolling Facebook.

10.12pm – My little babies are finally getting together! After 700 pages this is actually happening?!? Or not. Nooooo no no unacceptable Leigh Bardugo, my heart can’t take this not happening now!

Hour 9-10 / 11.00pm – Page 380 and Kaz just fought thugs and it was bloody and brutal and I winced throughout and clutched the arm of the chair. At times like this I get people picturing him as (a younger) Cillian Murphy, if it’s a la Peaky Blinders because he aint afraid to fight dirty. I love that he uses that as a show of his fitness to be boss, in front of the whole gang, and then tells the man to fuck off, basically. Brilliant. I think I need to go to sleep before I get overwhelmed with how much I love this set of misfits.

Hour 21-22 / 10.30am – I grabbed breakfast quick so I could try to squeeze in a couple more hours of reading and maybe finish Crooked Kingdom. I’m quite optimistic because I always read more frantically once I’m on the home stretch with a book of this type.

Hour 22-23 / 11.00am – I’m up to page 475 and the shit has well and truly hit the fan and I am loving it. Kaz knowing Ketterdam’s biggest fear is that is just genius, to be honest, love that curveball.

11.15am – At page 487 and…? Nope. No. No. So much #no. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Hour 23-24 / 12.00pm – I finished Crooked Kingdom and now my heart sings and hurts equally. I still love everyone. Damn you, Leigh Bardugo, why you so good at this? I’d like to think I could pick up another of my books and get another Sherlock Holmes short story read but, let’s be honest, I should probably just end my readathon here and actually go take a shower and get dressed ready for the day. I have started and ended the readathon by belatedly taking a shower so there’s something quite pleasingly cyclical about that.


Books Completed: Crooked Kingdom
Pages Read: 418

Now I know one singular book and not even all of it at that (I’d already started reading it earlier this week) seems like nothing to any seasoned readathon-er but, for me, that’s pretty damn good progress, especially for a weekend. I’m pleased with the progress because I didn’t for a second start skimming the book or skip over words because I just wanted to shift through more pages, I took my time and I enjoyed every second of the story, like I knew I would. I’m so glad I read Crooked Kingdom for the readathon because it was exactly the right book at the right time and I’m grateful for the event for enabling a day of putting off things other than reading.

If you took part this time, I hope you enjoyed your Dewey’s readathon and if not, perhaps consider joining in during the next one in April? If you did take part, let me know below what you read and if you enjoyed it. :)

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10 responses to “Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon 2016 | Updates Post”

    • Thank you, I had a great readathon! If you really liked Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom will definitely not be a disappointment. It’s a change of pace slightly but it’s still the same characters and brilliant story. Hope you had a good readthon! :)


    • Thanks! I always find the balance between “being social” and actually reading is a difficult one! I didn’t really interact much on Twitter and I’m disappointed at that but there’s always next time. :)


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