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Happy Thanksgiving to my US followers! Although I’m not in America, and do not celebrate Thanksgiving (I’m a Brit, sorry), it’s still quite a relevant time to post a tag that is so celebratory and all about being thankful- so it’s very convenient that Stephanie from Adventures of a Bibliophile tagged me in this ‘Celebrating the Little Things’ tag today!

Who was your very first follower (if you can find out)? Tag them and give them a shout out!

According to my stats, my very first follower on this incarnation of The Terror of Knowing was… drumroll please – Liz from Travel In Retrospect aka Liz, my friend who I met at university and share a house with now. She’s been a loyal follower of my blog, thanks friend! ;)

What was the last milestone you reached?

I don’t really tend to count milestones (mostly because I haven’t reached one that most of the blogging community would find especially significant), however, I am at 197 followers, which is pretty close to a milestone I guess! I also reached 200 published posts in September (with this Pastry Book Tag) which was pretty nice.

What was the very first post you posted on your blog? Share it with us!

The very first post I posted (and is still available) is called A defence of my degree subject. I was in my first term of my first year of undergraduate studies and I was apparently feeling a little bit defensive of being an Arts student – apparently we’re all doing “pointless” degrees that don’t amount to anything. I’d say I still stand by what I said there, even if I am a little more cynical of the value the outside world actually assigns to Arts degrees having had experience of job hunting post-graduation.

Who was your most recent follower? Tag them and give them a shout out!

My most recent follower is The Peg which is apparently a site dedicated to news and reviews of theatre – hello, if you’re reading this, thank you for the follow!

What was the last post you posted and who was the very first person who took their time to click the like button? Give them a shout out!

The last thing I posted was the Tome Topple updates post, which I’m periodically updating throughout the course of the readathon. I think Stephanie from Adventures of a Bibliophile was the first person to like it – hello friend! Stephanie has an amazing blog, I read her posts as soon as they pop up in my Reader, and I would highly recommend you go check out her blog because she has such a great variety of posts and reads so many different genres.

How many months have you been blogging for?

Technically? Let’s see, if I started my first post in the first term on 23rd November 2011 so that makes it…

*a lonely tumble weed blows across whilst Emma attempts to do maths*

5 years, which is… 60 months. Wow, that’s a long time considering how few posts (relatively speaking) that I’ve actually published.

Do you have any bloggers you’re friends with? Give them a shout out.

I only know one person in real life (the aforementioned Liz) but I think I would consider myself friendly with the following: Melis from Coffee Shop DreamsStephanie from Adventures of a BibliophileHeather from Bits & Books, Ashleigh from A Frolic Through FictionJess from The Mud and Stars Book Blog – mainly because they pop in to say hi, or like a post, and I’ve popped over to their blogs many a time to chat with them there! I’m sure there are many, many people I’ve forgotten so I profusely apologise if I’ve overlooked you, I promise I also consider you a friend, my mind is just very scatty right now because of foot pain and painkillers!

Who originally created the last meme or tag you participated in? Give them a shout out!

I’ve been quite slack at blogging lately so my last meme/tag was Top Ten Tuesday from 8th November which was Books Added To My TBR Recently. TTT is obviously awesome (duh) and it was created by the wonderful The Broke and the Bookish.

Have you any social media related to your blog?

Yep! I have Twitter (@askirmishofwit), Instagram (@askirmishofwit)and Goodreads (profile) – come say hi!

Last but not least …. just say thanks to all your followers.

Thank you to every single person that follows, likes, and comments on my blog – as I’m sure you know, most bloggers get their power from comments (seriously we live for it)… no, but seriously, some of the best interactions you can have online are through blogging and engaging in conversation with people who are as invested in books and book blogging as you are. Thank you to everyone who has ever popped into this blog – I appreciate you all very much!

I Tag…

I hereby tag – anyone who was mentioned/linked within this post – yes, that means you! If I neglected to mention you, consider yourself tagged anyway. If you’re new to this blog, pop in and say hi in the comments and then please do the tag; it’s a lovely way to look back at your blogging life and be thankful for the weeks/months/years you’ve blogged.

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2 responses to “Tag | Celebrating the Little Things”

  1. Ooh congratulations on 5 years of blogging! :) I agree that interacting with/getting to know other bloggers is the best part of blogging! Thanks for mentioning/tagging me – I really like the idea of this tag. I’ve just read your defence of English Literature and I couldn’t agree more – I studied Literature at uni too, and it makes me so angry when people say that Arts subjects are useless. There are so many transferable skills from studying literature, and as you said, why shouldn’t we study something that we enjoy and love? On a completely separate note – sorry for the radio silence on the proofreading stuff. My friend who passed on my details to the publisher was taken on straight away without doing a test piece, so I assumed it would be a quick process and I’d have some work by now, but I haven’t heard back from them about my own test piece yet, so either they are really busy at the moment or they hated it haha :( If I do hear back from them and get given some work, I will be sure to pass your details on.

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