March 2017 | Wrap Up

As far as months go, March was pretty much a non-entity. Or, at least, that’s what it feels like now I’m looking back on it… which is ridiculous because two films I was highly anticipated were released, I saw them, and loved both. (Beauty and the Beast and Kong: Skull Island, for what it’s worth) Me and Liz also ventured to the Tavern a couple of times (always a good time) and I even got to experience dinner at the Tavern which is… well… let’s just say the phrase “I think I’ve ate too much” becomes redundant after the tenth time of saying it. It was SO good though. Some personal/professional changes may also be happening in the very near future (I don’t want to say it too soon and jinx it) so that’s made the end of March very interesting, to say the least. I’m sure it will also affect April and my reading habits but we’ll see. For now, let’s look back at how March’s reading went…

In March, I read a total of 5 books – 5 fiction and 0 non-fiction, amounting to 2247 pages in total, and, of these, 3 books were re-reads. 

In terms of format: 4 were hardcover and was paperback.

And as for genre, very broadly speaking, books were fantasy – no one is surprised that I’m still on that fantasy kick. Sorry/not sorry, as always.

Onto the books themselves…

A Conjuring of Light – V.E. Schwab

Rating: 5/5
Genre: fantasy
Pages: 666
Read: 26th February – 3rd March
Challenges fulfilled: Around the Year in 52 Books (Week 18)

The Austere Academy (ASOUE #5) – Lemony Snicket

Rating: 4/5
Genre: children’s; fantasy
Pages: 244
Read: 4th – 5th March
Challenges fulfilled: Mount TBR Challenge

The Bone Season – Samantha Shannon

Rating: 4/5
Genre: young-adult; dystopian; fantasy
Pages: 452
Read: 5th – 8th March

The Mime Order – Samantha Shannon

Rating: 4.5/5
Genre: young-adult; dystopian; fantasy
Pages: 501
Read: 9th – 19th March

The Song Rising – Samantha Shannon

Rating: 4/5
Genre: young-adult; dystopian; fantasy
Pages: 384
Read: 19th – 25th March
Challenges fulfilled: Around the Year in 52 Books (Week 40)

So March wasn’t exactly a stand-out month but it also wasn’t terrible in terms of the amount of books I managed to get through. Mostly it was full of feelings thanks to V.E. Schwab and Samantha Shannon… I’ll try to write a review for A Conjuring of Light and The Song Rising soon but, let’s face it, first I need to develop some sense of eloquence so that the reviews don’t simply consist of: !!!!!! We’ll see. I also still have three books in-progress from March as we move into April – JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on audiobook, Dan Vyleta’s Smoke, and Charles Dickens’ Hard Times – hopefully all three will make an appearance in my April Wrap Up.

So that was my month but how did your March reading go?
What was your favourite book you read this month?
Please do share in the comments below and let’s chat books!

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4 responses to “March 2017 | Wrap Up”

    • It’s definitely still my favourite overall, I adored all the gang politics. :) Samantha Shannon recently hinted on Twitter that people who enjoyed The Mime Order might very well like the way things develop in book 4 – I’m SO excited for that.


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