War and Peace Newbies Read-Along | Week Three


Welcome one, welcome all, to the third of my weekly progress reports  for War and Peace. I am happy to report that I have officially now read further than I did on my previous attempt to tackle this mammoth of a book – if nothing else, that’s progress, and we can call it a success even if I don’t read a word more. I mean, obviously I’d prefer it if I did read significantly more words and finish the entirety of the book but still…

You may have seen my previous weekly post summarising my week 2 progress, if not please do pop on over to it to see how it went. And for those who have no idea what I’m going on about at all, you may want to head on over to the blog of the War and Peace Newbies Read-along host Laura from Reading In Bed.

Every week I’m doing a short progress post or wrap-up of my thoughts so far on the book, all very low key, probably in the form of bullet points, and likely not always coherent. So don’t expect eloquence or a comprehensive guide to the novel is what I’m trying to say – at best, my approach is scatter-gun and what catches my eye probably isn’t the most important detail in the text. Expectations lowered accordingly? Ok, then let’s see how Week 3 went, which covered Part I, Volume III of War and Peace…


tomkat_leer.gif(Side note: This gif is a not at all accurate depiction of how I imagine Pierre checks Helene out, in fact I imagine the exact opposite. Sorry, I just like the gif, I rarely have a chance to use it, and it forever amuses me for its lack of subtlety.)
(Side note #2: Mind you, I’d probably look at Kat Dennings like that if I was sat next to her and she looked that stunning.)
Completely irrelevant notes aside, back to Pierre…



emmastonelovewithhim.gif emmastonelovewithhim2.gif

Aaaand that’s a wrap, guys! We made it all the way through Volume I – that deserves a moment of celebration, surely? Woo! Ok, onwards and upwards, and into Volume II, may it treat me as kindly as the first one has…

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