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What is the most sensible thing to do when you’re in the middle of doing a long readalong of a super long book AND a readathon where you read only 500+ page books AND you have a backlog of book reviews and blog posts to write? That’s right- sign up for another reading challenge! (It made sense in my head, I swear. Yes, I may be procrastinating.)

I could not resist joining in with this one though because it looks like SO MUCH FUN and has a pretty gameboard and challenges and side quests and I’m basically a sucker for anything like this. “This” is #TheReadingQuest which was created by Aentee from @ Read At Midnight. All the amazing artwork that accompanies this challenge was created by CW of Read, Think, Ponder. Be sure to check both of them out because they have great blogs! The readathon runs from tomorrow, Sunday 13th August until Sunday 10th September – so we’re in this one for the long haul, guys.

The Reading Quest Sign Up Post

The readathon is based round a challenge board, a bingo board if you will, and you pick a book to complete each square on your chosen path across the board. ‘But how do I chose my path?’ I hear you ask – well, you pick which Character Class to play as, and you start off on their quest path accordingly. There are 4 to choose from (Knight, Rogue, Mage, and Bard) and the challenges on each path reflect the chosen character type – i.e. on the Mage path you read books about magic and mythology. Just like the very best video games you can also branch off and complete side quests to earn extra points during the course of your quest. And once you’re done with one character’s path, you can then move onto the next one, and continue questing onwards! You earn experience points and health points as you go along – for a full run-down of these I’d advise everyone to go check out Aentee’s original post because she explains it better than I ever could!

As you can see above, this is the reading challenge board with the character quests around the outsides and the sidequests in blue on the inner squares, and I’m going to try my best to complete as many of the challenges as I can. I am going away for a week towards the end of the readathon so I’ve tried to pick some books which can be read on my Kindle (this would be a great excuse to finish some eARCs I have on there) and aren’t too long. However, I still think I’ve got a pretty big challenge ahead of me but, hey, if you don’t shoot for the stars, you wouldn’t get anywhere, right? (Right?!) Let’s take a look at my TBR…

I plan to start on the Knight path first, so here are my planned picks for each of the challenges:

If all goes well and I manage to somehow complete all of these, then I plan to advance with the Mage path next, here are my planned reads for that path:

If by some miracle (spoiler alert: this definitely won’t happen), I make it through I’m going to read the following books for the Rogue path:

If all stars align, the final path I’ll be taking is the Bard path and these are the books I shall be reading for each of the challenges:

As you can tell, I don’t anticipate making my entire way round the board because it’s pretty much near impossible for me to read that much ever, let alone during a time when I know it’s going to be getting busy in work and I’ll be away from home for some of it. Even so, I’m something of a completionist, so I like to have decided on a book for every single challenge for argument’s sake. However, it is quite possible that I might branch off during the main quest to do some mini/sidequests and these are the books I’ve picked out for those:

Of course, I’m pretty poor at sticking to TBRs so I imagine I’ll undoubtedly deviate from my picks here; I have a few alternative choices in mind and jotted down on a piece of paper so I don’t go completely off-course with the readathon challenges though. Most of all I’m super excited to get started on #TheReadingQuest tomorrow. I plan to upload a separate post tomorrow which I will edit after each book I finish, and this is where I’ll keep track of all the points I accrue over the course of the challenge – it will be a great way to keep me accountable, and to make sure I don’t get confused along the way! Until then, let #TheReadingQuest begin…

Are you taking part in The Reading Quest? Please do let me know in the comments below if so because I’d love to check out your intended TBR and we can cheer each other on throughout the challenge!

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7 responses to “#TheReadingQuest | Sign-Up and TBR”

  1. I am also taking the Knight’s path. I have tried to use ARCs where possible as I’m desperately trying to catch up with my backlog and except for one I think I’ve managed it! Just got to finish off my current read so I can make a start! Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooo good luck with the Reading Quest! :)

      Aaah I’m glad to hear it comes highly recommended! I actually did a Masters degree in early modern literature so it’s definitely my kind of thing and I (somehow) managed to persuade a friend to buddy read it with me after reading her the synopsis of the play. It was on my required reading for a course I took in university but I think I was sick that week and never got around to reading it – I still own it though so it seems a shame not to finally read it! :P


  2. I commend you on your efforts but I’m LOOKING AWAY :-D I am so, so far behind on challenges that I simply can’t be sucked into another!


    • I regret the decision, because I’m already mid-way through long books (War and Peace and A Dance With Dragons) so I can’t count them for the quest challenges but The Reading Quest looked like such fun that I couldn’t not participate! :)


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