Feature | Bookish Savings Jar: An Update

Do you remember back in January when I floated the idea of the Bookish Savings Jar, the tactic that would solve not only my re-reading problem but also my book buying problem? Well since I seem to be checking in with my resolutions for this year lately, I thought I might as well do an update for how my Bookish Savings Jar is going so far.

tl;dr version: it’s going pretty well! But if you’re curious as to how well it’s going, keep reading!

Let’s remind ourselves of the 3 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter:

* Exceptions: eARCs and audiobooks do not incur charge, since they’re not adding to my physical TBR.

As of 19th January, I had surrendered £17. And as of today, 26th March? (Oo, the suspense is killing me…)

Purchased: Artemis Fowl series (8 books)  = £8
Purchased: Down and Out in Paris and London = £1
Purchased: Fragile Things = £1
Purchased: Saga, Volume 8 = £1
Read: The Wicked Cometh = £1
Re-read: Princess Diaries, Take Two = £2
Read: The Winner’s Crime = £1
Read: The Fandom = £1
Read: Sourdough = £1
Read: Madame Bovary 
= £1
Read: The Language of Thorns = £1
Monthly total= £19

Purchased: Doctor Thorne = £1

Purchased: The Trouble with Lichen = £1
Purchased: The Midwich Cuckoos = £1
Re-read: Fangirl = £2
Read: The Power = £1
Read: The Upside of Unrequited = £1
Read: How Not to Be a Boy = £1
Read: The Girl from Everywhere = £1
Read: Carol = £1
Monthly total= £10

Read: The Essex Serpent = £1

Read: The Lie Tree = £1
Purchased: Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race = £1
Purchased: Children of Blood and Bone = £1
Purchased: The Girl from Everywhere = £1
Purchased: The Ship Beyond Time = £1
Purchased: Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine= £1
Purchased: The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock = £1
Purchased: The Breakthrough = £1
Purchased: The Garden of Forking Paths = £1
Purchased: The Missing Girl = £1
Purchased: Create Dangerously = £1
Read: Circe = £1
Read: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine = £1
Monthly total= £14

As you can see I tend to read 5-7 books a month, and my purchasing habits are… not consistent in the least. I can pinpoint that I had a kinda “off” week in March when I was feeling very sorry for myself for no reason whatsoever, so I ended up caving and buying myself quite a few books I’d been wanting anyway, plus a few of the newly released Penguin Moderns which are tiny and only cheap. However, I stuck to my guns on the Penguin Moderns and still made myself surrender the usual £1 fine for buying them, even though they’re only wee! (Yes, I am proud of myself for that, it would have been so easy for me to justify not counting them to myself.)

So, ladies and gentlemen (drumroll please), so far, my total savings in the jar comes to a princely sum of £43. I’m sure this will be rounded up to £45 by the time the month is over, since I’ll be finishing up a couple of books hopefully soon. For now, I am very happy with this. Even though we’re only 3 months into the year, I can already see that it has made me think a little bit more about impulse buying books, especially used books, and I think it has also helped to rein in my re-reading habit, because I know I’m essentially having to fine myself £2 for any given re-read I’m considering doing. It’s really helping me to stop just re-reading old favourites on a whim because I don’t know what new book I want to pick up next! So, all in all, the Bookish Savings Jar is serving its main psychological purpose – and it will also help give me a little bit of spending money for Disney World towards the end of the year, it’s a win/win scenario, let’s keep this going for all of 2018!

Do you have any savings tactics related to reading? Or maybe you have a plan to help you limit your book buying this year? Let me know in a comment, I’m curious!


2 responses to “Feature | Bookish Savings Jar: An Update”

  1. Oh I like this idea!

    A few years ago I went on a physical book buying ban so I don’t buy physical books anymore. I then ran into a problem of buying too many eBooks but now I don’t buy any eBooks unless they are on sale for $1 or I save over 50% off the price. Imposing that has really cut down on my book buying and stopping my TBR from growing too much. My local library has also improved its offerings so I find I get most of my books from there now.


    • Thanks! It has really been helping with keeping me accountable because I now don’t really impulse buy physical books anymore like I used to.

      I do not have enough willpower for a full book buying ban so I’m in awe of those who do, haha. If I stopped myself buying hardbacks/paperbacks, I would definitely see my ebook and audiobook purchasing increase exponentially because it would be a way around the ban. Fully utilising libraries if you’re able is definitely a great way to stop buying so many books I think. I used to buy everything if I’d heard a vaguely positive review a couple of times, but now I really think about whether I want to read the book and then check the library catalogue to see if they have it first.

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