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As you may have seen me mention in my March TBR post, I have a tumultuous history with TBRs since I rarely stick to them 100%. As you can see if you compare my March TBR with my recent March Wrap Up post, my monthly TBR never gets fully defeated without something else catching my eye mid-way through the month… I think it’s important to be aware of your reading habits and be realistic. However, since I scribble my TBRs into the monthly spreads of my bullet journal anyway, it makes sense to put my TBR on this blog to hold myself a little bit more accountable. If nothing else, it’s a good snapshot of where my head is at for my reading goals and it admittedly does help me to choose a book if I’m in a funny mood where I finish a book and don’t know what to pick up next. But don’t expect me to ever (god forbid) actually stick to my TBR! So let’s have a look at what I plan to read in the month of April…

img_0368April TBR

    1. The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty [eARC]
    2. Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell
    3. The Queens of Innis Lear by Tessa Gratton [eARC]
    4. The Elite by Kiera Cass
    5. The One by Kiera Cass
    6. The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin [eARC]
    7. Almost Love by Louise O’Neill [eARC]
    8. Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

8 books seems like enough to be getting on with. I tend to read 6ish books a month but I have literally no idea how busy or not busy April is going to turn out to be. I don’t have any major plans for April in terms of going away or anything and I don’t anticipate anything tumultuous in my “personal” or “professional” life so hopefully it will be plain sailing as far as my reading goes this month.

And, as you can probably surmise, I have quite a few eARCs I need to get through soon to help my NetGalley review ratio look a little healthier so that will be one of my main focuses in April. However, I’m also very consciously trying to maintain a good mix of ebooks and print copies on my TBRs so that when I’m tired of looking at a screen all-day I can take refuge in an actual book instead. It’s quite likely I’ll end up adding another couple of physical books onto this TBR as the month progresses but, for now, these are the books I’m planning to read in April. Wish me luck?

What books are you planning to read in the month of April?
Are there any new releases you’re really looking forward to picking up this month?
Are there any readathons happening this month that you’re taking part in?
Let me know in the comments section below!

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17 responses to “April TBR”

  1. Sticking to TBR’s is like.. not done? I can’t seem to do it, although I do stick to it mostly but I can’t stick to it entirely, haha. I’m doing ApTHRILL this month so I’m trying to read some horror / thriller / suspense novels – so far so good since I’ve ticked off one already – Carrie by Stephen King. But then I got sidetracked and picked up Children of Blood and Bone – it’s SO GOOD. I hope you’ll love it as much as I’m loving it right now!
    Apart from ApTHRILL I’m also participating in Book Roast’s Magical Readathon, trying to get my OWL’s – yay for Harry Potter-themed challenges, haha.

    Happy reading!


    • I never stick entirely to a TBR; in fact, I’d wonder if I was feeling ok if I had stuck 100% to a TBR. I think that’s fine, though, it’s good to have a general idea but have room for manoeuvring if you’re just not in the mood for a certain book or a certain genre. The mood you’re in when you’re deciding what to put on your TBR at the start of the month is rarely going to be the same mood you’re in at the end of a month.

      Oo that sounds like a lot of fun. If I wasn’t such a wimp about horror/thriller/suspense, I’d love to read Stephen King some day but I feel like I’m going to be too freaked out by most of his books. Speaking of reading challenges, I JUST found out about the OWLs readathon yesterday and I’ve been scrabbling around since to participate. I haven’t done an official TBR on here (I did one quickly on Twitter) but luckily some of what I was planning to read in April anyway fits with the challenges.

      I hope so too – I’m really looking forward to Children of Blood and Bone, I just keep seeing amazing reviews for it. I don’t actually know too much about the plot or characters which I’m glad of, it’ll be nice going into a book relatively unknowing for once!

      Happy reading to you too!

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      • Exactly! I think there’s a bit of a mood-reader in everyone even though some people don’t really admit to it or even notice it about themselves, haha. I especially love setting seasonal TBR’s though. I tend to stick to those mostly, but you have plenty of time to read those books anyway so you’re bound to be in the mood for them at one point for sure.

        Ha, I’m a wimp too, trust me! After reading The Shining, I barely slept for a week. Not to mention animal bushes creeping me out still. But I simply love his writing so I’m teaching myself to tough up? I guess?
        Oooh, awesome! :D I tried to fit as many thrillers / horrors on the subjects, haha. Had to add a couple of other ones but we’ll see how it goes.

        Honestly, I was kind of wary because hype can be so deceiving but I have trouble believing this is her debut – it’s that good. Hope you’ll love it equally as much! Finished it yesterday and can’t shut up about it at all, haha.

        Thank you!

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        • I completely agree – I get into moods too where I don’t know what I want to read AT ALL so having some kind of vague plan for my future reading really helps. That’s also why I make sure to do at least one yearly challenge because sometimes the prompts/challenges for that help me to choose a book when I’m in a funny mood. :)

          Aah that’s so cool that you’re trying to toughen up for the sake of Stephen King’s writing though. I do hear he’s an amazing author, I just sadly must admit I will always be too freaked out to try haha. Best of luck with toughening up!

          Ohh this has definitely made me even more excited to get to Children of Blood and Bone, I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

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          • Ooh, I love yearly challenges, haha! I’ve committed to a ton of those and I’m loving it. The rare moments I really don’t have any clue what I want to read, I let my boyfriend pick a book. Most of the time I really go “Okay, no. I’d rather read THAT one.” even when I didn’t necessarily wanted to read that one five minutes earlier? It’s weird but it also helps?

            Ooh, maybe you could try The Green Mile? Like, I cried when I watched that movie so I can’t imagine it getting really creepy. Apart from this one scene, but overall I really, really cried. I have yet to read the book though.
            Haha, thank you! I’ll need it – especially with certain of his books. I own a copy of “It” and that one’s already scaring the hell out of me..


            • I think sometimes you might not know what you WANT to read but it’s easier to know what you DON’T want to read haha, it’s just a process of elimination from then on. ;)

              I’ll make a note of that then and try that one if I ever do get a hankering for some Stephen King!

              I remember seeing ReadbyZoe on Booktube read It during a 24-hour Readathon and it was a struggle but it also meant that it scared her all in one chunk rather than having it spread out over several days/weeks!

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              • True that! Although that process can take up quite some time if you have over 150 unread books on your shelves.. *whistles*


                Hahaha; oh boy. Okay, I can see how that might be a good thing but I’m not sure my heart would be able to take it. :P

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  2. Must admit I’ve given up on monthly TBR lists – as soon as I make one, I tend to read everything that ISN’T on the list!


    • I’m completely like that too! But I figure if I manage to read at least half of the books I put on my TBR then I consider it enough of a success to keep making them! I follow the mindset of the Pirates Code in Pirates of the Caribbean: they’re more like guidelines than actual rules.

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  3. Awesome TBR!! I may be getting to City of Brass this month too. I didn’t actually put it on my TBR, but I only have 5 audiobooks on my TBR, so I may have time to get to it as I usually listen to a lot more than 5 audiobooks a month. So if I finish those I think City of Brass will be my next priority. I have a lot of books overall on my TBR though thanks to the 3 ReadAThons I’m participating in this month.
    2 of them have already started and one of those is 4 weeks long! So it’s going to be a crazy month.
    I’m the same as you too! I never stick to my TBR fully. It’s only the 5th day into April and I have already made 2 changes to my TBR!! 😂😂


    • Thanks – I have some great books lined up to tackle this month! I’m a little way through City of Brass already and I’d definitely recommend it. It has a different feel to a lot of YA fantasy I’ve been reading lately so it feels a little refreshing. I feel like I’m reading it SO slowly though, possibly because it’s on ebook/eARC so I’m not physically seeing myself flip the pages.

      Oo fun – which readathons are you participating in? I’ve just recently found out about the OWLs readathon so I’m belatedly joining in with that one, haha.

      Happy reading!

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      • I thought City of Brass was an adult Fantasy. It was in the adult section the couple times I’ve seen it in a few book stores.

        I’m doing that one, however it’s actually called Magical ReadAThon.
        I’m also doing #AYearAThon right now. It finishes in 2 days.
        And then Duodecathon which starts on the 8th and goes for a week.

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        • I’ve seen it shelved in both so I’m never too sure! :)

          Oh… I didn’t realise, what with the hashtag being #owlsreadathon2018 I thought that’s what the whole thing was called – anyhow, yes, I’m enjoying participating in that so far. I clearly need to get researching more readathons because I didn’t even know these were happening – aaah! Good luck with reading for them!

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          • I post a ReadAThon Guide every month with all the ReadAThons I can find that are happening in the coming month. I always post in the last week of the month. Keep and eye out for that if you are looking for ReadAThons in May. Or later in April, my April one is up.

            And yeah I saw that actually. It’s makes more sense. The ‘magical ReadAThon’ is a little bland and doesn’t necessarily suggest Harry Potter related.

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