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Welcome back, everyone. Today I bring you a tag! ‘But Emma’, I hear you say, ‘it’s not Thursday, is it?’ Well no, it’s not, it is indeed Monday but I couldn’t resist having a go at this tag when I saw it because it’s all about Gilmore Girls. I first saw this on the lovely Rosie’s blog so please do pop over to her blog and check out her answers if you’re curious. (And if anyone knows who the originator of this tag is, please let me know so that I can credit them appropriately!)

So make like Lorelai Gilmore, grab your coffee, and let’s no waste any time at all – let’s get going on the tag…


Do you own the collection?

Yep, I have the DVDs proudly on my shelf. Although now it’s finally on Netflix it seems like a waste of shelf space, haha.

What was your first introduction to Gilmore Girls?

You know, I’m not entirely sure but I think I used to see people going on about Gilmore Girls on Tumblr and using gifs of Lorelai talking about coffee and I just thought I should probably jump on that bandwagon. I vaguely remember watching some of the first episodes on Megavideo though (yes I was naughty, shhh) so I’m not sure what year I actually watched my very first episode – it had definitely stopped airing when I did though.

Dave or Zack?

Obviously Dave, forever and always Dave. I’ve never quite forgiven Adam Brody for landing The OC and having to leave Gilmore Girls to be on that show instead, to the point that I still show some hesitance about fully committing to watching The OC because I just know it’ll kill me inside that him and Lane were SO DAMN CUTE but he’s off in California doing that instead. I think putting Lane with Zack and the whole shenanigans that followed was just SO out of character and I did not like it one bit.

Who is your favourite character and why?

Honestly? It’s probably one of the Gilmores, I find Emily and Richard SO entertaining. As much as I love the eponymous Gilmore Girls, I can’t help but enjoy the characterisation of Lorelai’s parents – they’re allowed to be snobby and rich and make questionable calls but, at the heart of it, they’re just wanting what’s best for their family.

Lorelai or Rory?

If you’d asked me before the later seasons and A Year in the Life it would 100% have been Rory, because I saw a little too much of myself in her, but I didn’t really fully like what they did with her story line later on in the show so I’m going to have to say Lorelai tends to edge her out nowadays.

Team Dean, Jess or Logan? Why?

Always Team Jess. Does anyone pick Dean nowadays? My younger self used to swoon and then I grew up and realised he’s a huge douche. Jess played the devil-may-care “bad boy” but we all know he had a proper heart of gold underneath and had a huge soft spot for Rory. I thought they clicked in all sorts of ways and made each other better and I am really sad that they didn’t do more with the two of them. Although Logan… Logan is… something. Logan is definitely the character that grew on me (mostly because of his association with Finn and Colin who I ADORE), but I’m still not sure I actually like him with Rory the most.

How many books have you read from Rory’s Reading List?

Embarrassingly few. According to the list at the link above, I’ve read 42/339 which is 12%.

Would you rather only be allowed to drink coffee or never eat pop tarts again?

Only be allowed to drink coffee. It’s what I do anyway, to be fair, so it wouldn’t exactly be much of a stretch. I don’t really get pop tarts as a thing, I’d much rather have a lot of other snack foods before reaching for them.

Who is your least favourite character?

This is a really difficult question because I do enjoy everyone in Stars Hollow… although DEAN… fucking Dean man, painted as the dreamy boyfriend, and actually kind of gross in hindsight. Damn you, Jared Padalecki, distracting me from your character’s awfulness with your floppy hair and sweet smile.

Are you Team Christopher or Team Luke?

I actually really like Christopher (this seems to be more of a controversial opinion that I realised), but I like Christopher when him and Lorelai are bantering, especially when they’re at the Gilmores’ house for dinner, but I kind of hate them when they’re an actual couple. It’s like the idea and the teasing around it is actually better than any established reality of the two of them. Luke is Luke, he was always going to be some kind of endgame.

(In other ‘Emma Is Controversial’ news, I liked the weird relationship that Lorelai and Digger/Jason had. Also MAX! <3 He was probably my favourite of all her boyfriends to be honest.)

Who would win in a fight between Mrs Kim and Taylor?

Hands down, Mrs Kim. She is fierce. And honestly? Taylor talks a good game but he’s actually kind of a wimp.

Who would spread the fastest rumour, Miss Patty or Babette?

I feel like Miss Patty would spread a rumour faster in a sneaky and subtle way, but Babette could definitely yell it the furthest across town.

If you could have dinner with any cast member who would it be?

I’d like to have dinner with Lauren Graham because honestly she sounds like she’d be a great friend to have, and I really enjoyed her memoir Talking As Fast As I Can so it’d be great to meet her. If it was having dinner with any character then I’d probably have dinner with Sookie because I feel like she’d take you to the best place with real good grub, or she’d cook you it!

That’s all, folks! That was the Gilmore Girls tag, wasn’t that fun? This has definitely made me want to embark on a Gilmore Girls rewatch now! If you want to participate in the tag please do consider yourself tagged by me, and be sure to link to your post below if you do answer the questions as I’d love to take a look!

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7 responses to “Tag | The Gilmore Girls Tag”

  1. Such a fun tag! I completely agree with you about Max, Emma. He’s my favorite Gilmore boyfriend, although I don’t think he was right for Lorelai. Dean is the worst, and I liked the chemistry between Lorelai and Jason too. I really need to read more books from Rory’s reading list!


    • Omg FINALLY someone agrees about Max! I can’t deny that I’m a sucker for professor characters, but Max was SO lovely to Lorelai (even if they weren’t ultimately suited) so I still find it a little heartbreaking to watch the episode where she runs away from the engagement.

      I think part of growing up was me realising how awful Dean was tbh.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think you might be the only person who has ever liked Max! But I always felt bad for him. He was so nice and good and everyone hated him. So I’m glad someone liked him! Love this tag. thanks for sharing!


    • Haha I have another commenter to back me up on this one – finally! He wasn’t the right guy for Lorelai in the end but he was undeniably lovely to her and matched her in a weird way that I liked.

      It’s such a fun tag, thanks for reading and commenting! :)

      Liked by 1 person

    • I do like Logan a lot, I just prefer Jess with Rory haha, but I got nothing against the guy!

      It’s SUCH a fun tag, I would totally recommend doing it if you haven’t yet! :)


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