June TBR

As you may have noticed in my May TBR, I am often very ambitious and very fool-hardy when it comes to setting TBRs as I almost never stick to them 100%. If I’m lucky, I stick to them 50%. Not to spoil my May Wrap Up but I’d say this past month has been about 16.66666%, and I’ve stalled on another book I was reading so I can’t even really count it into that percentage calculation. The point is, I am neither a mathematician, nor a strict enough disciplinarian when it comes to TBR lists. So, the focus this upcoming month is to clear out that NetGalley backlog.

I’m trying to be really strict with myself now so if I don’t read any of these eARCs by the end of June, unless I have a really good reason (and I’m meaning like humongous reading slump or illness), I have to DNF them and tell the publisher my reading interests have changed, I’m no longer interested in the ARC so my review wouldn’t do the title justice etc. etc. It’s high time I did this because it’s getting ridiculous now given when some of these titles were actually released. I’ve been a bit better about restraining myself from requesting too many eARCs on NetGalley so I just need to work through this pile as soon as possible… and I’m also trying to quickly get on top of the ones that are released soon!

June TBR

  1. The Summer of Us by Cecilia Vinesse (eARC)
  2. The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green (eARC)
  3. Fragile Lives by Stephen Westaby (eARC)
  4. The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin (eARC)
  5. The Queens of Innis Lear by Tessa Gratton (eARC)
  6. Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody (eARC)
  7. Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell
  8. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy (I’ve had <300 pages left to read for months, it’s time.)

What books are you planning to read in the month of June?
Are there any new releases you’re really looking forward to picking up this month?
Are there any readathons happening this month that you’re taking part in?
Let me know in the comments section below!


7 responses to “June TBR”

  1. Good luck getting all of these read! I always find that the most tempting book is the one you’re not supposed to be reading e.g. an ARC for 2019 instead of the book you need to read for a blog tour next week!

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  2. Oooh….fantastic book choices. The Queens of Innis Lear sounds really good…I’m going to be adding it to my TBR for the future as well. Good luck and I hope your June is amazing :)

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    • Thanks so much – I’m really hoping to get to it soon because my housemate has a physical copy so I can read the hardback and the e-book and should have no excuses about not being able to finish it!

      Good luck to you too, hope you have a lovely June!


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