NaNoWriMo 2018 | Breaking 30k


You may have noticed my entire lack of blog posts after Monday of last week and there is one very good reason for this: NaNoWriMo. It turns out that, when I properly give writing a novel a go, it takes up most of my brain energy that I have left after work… and there’s barely any of that left as it is.

I’ve been trying to read a little bit for Tome Topple too which means that writing has proved to be something of a struggle in this past week. It’s not that I never have time, it’s that bedtime always seems to come too quickly, and I feel like I haven’t written anywhere near enough words for NaNoWriMo in any given day. I also flagged majorly between Thursday and Saturday as it was getting to the end of the week and I was just mentally a bit drained so that definitely affected my word count.

As far as the project itself goes, I’ve pretty much not touched the “secret royal story” which I’d dubbed A Sovereign Remedy on its Pinterest board. In fact, it’s only  really got as far as said Pinterest board and a few scattered snippets of scenes. But I’m ok with that, because I’ve been enjoying writing on my other story which I dubbed The Show Must Go On for the sake of Pinterest board naming. This one has got further than a Pinterest board, largely because it is a huge tropey fluff fest telling the tale of a playwright and an actress who’s trying to prove her worth in a slightly prejudiced theatre world that thinks she can barely act. I tried to take it easy on myself with this year’s project and I have to say that I’ve had so much fun writing The Show Must Go On. It’s nowhere near being finished, the plot isn’t tight enough, the structure leaves a lot to be desired, and I’m pretty sure I’m telling rather than showing but, hey, that’s all ok.

It’s ok because I finally broke 30k. That may be a mere 60% of the way towards the intended monthly goal to write 50,000 words of a novel but I’m strangely proud of myself precisely because in past years I’ve never managed to stick with NaNoWriMo for so long, or to reach anywhere close to that amount of words of writing. I’m not a writer, but NaNo always makes me think that maybe (just maybe) I could give it a go, at least once a year, without having to make any kind of major life changes or changes to my routine. NaNo makes writing a 50,000 word book seem achievable. And I’m part of the way there, I hit 30k, and I really need to be better about stopping and acknowledging that fact because it’s so easy to focus on being “behind” but, at the end of the day, you still have 30,000 more words of a story than you had on 31st October.

As it stands now, I’m so far behind on the projected schedule for NaNoWriMo that I’d have to write over double of the intended daily word count every day just to “finish” on time. That’s patently not going to happen, especially considering we don’t have a weekend left in which I could rack up some major word counts due to being off work. Do I give in and accept that it’s not going to happen? Or do I really work at it in these remaining days in order to try to get as close to that sweet, sweet 50k as possible?

Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? How is it going? Are you feeling good about the project you’re working on? Let’s chat writing in the comments!

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