My 2019 Resolutions | Quarterly Check-in #1

Sometimes, I make resolutions/goals for the year. Mainly so I have something to write in the front of my bullet journal. Sometimes I succeed at them, sometimes I fail (spectacularly), but it’s always nice to have something to aim for and work towards. In recent years I’ve found that doing quarterly check-ins helps to keep me accountable to these aspirationally-set resolutions throughout the year, rather than just panicking and trying to do everything in December. So this is what it says on the tin, folks, this is a check-in of how I’m doing at my 2019 Resolutions after the first three months of the year.


1. Read the 5 books on my ‘Books I Didn’t Get To In 2018’ list

Sooo, starting off strong, I’ve read precisely 0/5 books on this list so far. Good job, Emma, you’re doing really well with these resolutions already. I wish I could say this will change in quarter 2 but, let’s be real here, I’ll probably rush to finish those 5 books off in the final quarter of 2019.

2. Read at least 1 classic each month from my Classics Club list

To date I’ve read exactly 1 classic in 2019, and even that was waaaay  back at the start of January when I was full of aspirations about my reading. Since then I haven’t properly thought about including at least 1 classic on my monthly TBR so I’m majorly slacking on this goal. I will catch up though, I’m determined.

Anyone fancy buddy reading something that’s on my Classics Club list? Hmu!

3. Read at least 1 non-fiction book each month

Surprise, surprise, just like I’ve been ignoring the ‘put 1 classic a month on your TBR’ goal, I’ve also been ignoring this one too. In fact, I haven’t finished any non-fiction books this year. I’ve started them, sure, on audio I’ve been listening to Michelle Obama’s Becoming and Dolly Alderton’s What I Know About Love – the tone of the latter is super irritating me so I’m likely to DNF that, but the former I was really enjoying so I need to get back on my audiobook game and pick it up again!

4. Read at least 4 books a month from Around the Year in 52 Books list

Finally, a goal I’m kind of succeeding at – yay! I’ve been doing pretty good at this, partly I’m sure because I’ve drawn out a bookshelf in my bullet journal with 52 numbered books and every time I complete one of the challenge prompts, I get to colour the book in. It’s the little things in life… but they are surprisingly motivational. Anyway, if nothing else, I’m likely to complete this resolution without too much trouble.

5. Read all of the Penguin History of the World

I read a good chunk of this in January and was really enjoying it (I know, I’m as surprised as you are) but then I fell off the wagon and haven’t picked it up much since. I need to get back on track with this because reading a little bit of it every month is probably the only way I’ll get through this in 2019.

6. Document read books better on Twitter and Instagram, with short reviews in the captions

So my Twitter thread for the books I’ve read this year is going strong. Not so much my Instagram; in fact I don’t really “do” Instagram for book content, I mainly post food and occasionally holiday photos. I love bookstagram, I do, but I just don’t have the creative drive or the good lighting or props necessary to be good at it, so I don’t really try. I think I’ll firmly stick to updating on Twitter now, so I guess this goal is going well but I’m already changing its terms and we’re only one quarter into the year!

7. Finish all NetGalley eARCS that I was approved for pre-2019

Listen, I’m not doing well with reading goals, it seems. However, I did read (and in the latter’s case re-read) a couple of books I got as eARCS, Enchantée by Gita Trelease and The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty and submit reviews for them so that’s better than I’ve been doing in previous months at NetGalley. However, there are still 13 pre-2019 eARC copies that I need to work my way through so I really ought to get on that asap.

8. Watch at least 12 films that are new to me

I’m pleasantly surprised that I’ve kind of been doing this – go me! Some of them might not be critically acclaimed but that was never the point of this resolution; I just wanted to watch new-to-me films to break out of the cycle I have of re-watching my faves and MCU films and then nothing else. So far this year I’ve seen How to Train Your Dragon, The Mummy, Captain Marvel, and Spy – all of which I thoroughly enjoyed. I hope to continue this – in fact, I might do so this week whilst Liz is working late shifts and I’m home alone. However, I’m still open to suggestions for my ‘to watch’ list so feel free to chime in with your ‘must see’ films!


1. Cut down on the number of unhealthy snacks I eat

I hadn’t been doing very well with this but I’ve decided to try harder with it. I’ve replaced some of the biscuits I eat at work with healthier options, and I’m hoping to keep this up. I’m also trying to drink more water just generally, in the hopes that I won’t snack as much when I’m “bored”.

2. Go to the gym or exercise classes at least twice a week

I’ve actually found myself almost enjoying myself as of late at Zumba which is just… weird and must be treated with suspicion. Because of how the classes timetable falls I only get to attend twice a week but that’s been going well and I’ve made it more of a habit now. I’d still like to find some form of exercise to do on Tuesday evenings but haven’t properly investigated that yet – something to think about in quarter 2, for sure.

3. Completely block off one day a week to just chill

I’m doing better at this but I still have my moments of feeling like I’m lazy and wasting my life if I take an entire weekend to just chill and don’t really leave the house. I’m not sure if that will ever fully change but I’m trying to be better about scheduling and making sure to plan something at least for a weekend so that I don’t fall into that vicious cycle.

4. Improve daily water intake

As I mentioned when talking about snacks, I’ve been trying to be better about drinking water. I have a 800ml water bottle that I’ve been using but I stalled in the last couple of weeks so, instead, at work I’ve switched to getting myself a 250ml glass of water every time I make a coffee. There has been mixed results as to whether this works but I’m really trying and I want to get better at this, especially as the weather gets warmer and I don’t feel the need to constantly have my hands wrapped around a hot drink for fear of being cold.

5. Keep a better log of skin issues

I haven’t really been doing this, mainly because I don’t know how to. But I am trying to notice more when things set off my dermatological issues on my hands. It comes and goes so I’m really no further forward in working out the root cause but so long as I can manage it then I’ll be happy.

6. Save at least £100 every month (and don’t touch it!)

So I’ve opened a Lifetime ISA. No, I didn’t know what that was either. Basically, I don’t know if I’ll be in a position in a few years time to want to buy a house but it would be nice to have savings for a deposit so that I’d at least have the option to maybe possibly do so. I’m not being ridiculous with it, I’m just putting away £100 here and there as I can, but I am trying to be better at saving. My monthly £100 is still funnelled into my savings account when my paycheck hits too.

7. Complete at least 5 of the things on my 30 Before 30 list

So I thought this was going to be pretty easy to tick at least one thing off this list in this quarter, but then my planned trip to Chatsworth House fell through and now I’ve failed already. Still, I’m hoping to correct this (and a couple more) in summer.

8. Cut down the time-wasting activities and use evenings/weekends more

As I mentioned when I talked about doing things on weekends, I’m trying to be better at this, but I’m also trying to be kinder to myself about it. I live quite a homey life as I don’t go out out – I never have done, even at university, when that sort of thing is pretty much the norm – but I’m trying to plan more things, even if it’s just “go for breakfast” or “go to Cheshire Oaks” for the weekends so I don’t go stir crazy and start feeling shit about myself. We’ll see how I fare with this as the weather gets nicer (hopefully).

So, all in all, I’m not doing that great at anything other than my basic reading goals and some of the easier lifestyle ones. I’m not in the least bit surprised by this, it’s always this way, but I really feel like I want to get better in the second quarter and hopefully start forming some of those habits needed to succeed at my 2019 goals! Did you make 2019 resolutions or goals for the year? How are you doing?


4 thoughts on “My 2019 Resolutions | Quarterly Check-in #1

  1. Malka @ Paper Procrastinators 17/04/2019 / 23:42

    I’m super impressed with all the goals you set for yourself! I’m planning on doing an goal check in post in June, but I don’t think I had as many. The one goal I know I included was reading backlist NetGalley books. And I’ve been doing okay with that one! I really like the idea of including non-bookish goals as well though. I’ll have to do that for 2020!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bookishluna 04/04/2019 / 20:40

    The year is still new and we are only a couple of months in. You can catch up and reach all of your goals. Also, I am totally down to read The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins if you want to buddy read it!

    Liked by 1 person

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