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  • Currently, I’m… | September 2019

    Currently, I’m… | September 2019

    Hola all! You may have noticed a slight lack of posts in the last fortnight or so. Truth be told, I’ve been feeling a little unmotivated to blog. The combination of going away on holiday (and needing to organise things before then), hitting something of a (dare I say it) reading slump, and trying to…

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  • Feature | Favourite Christmas Songs

    Feature | Favourite Christmas Songs

    Since I’m participating in Blogmas this year, I figured I should make sure at least some of my posts were holiday/Christmas related. So, on this fine Saturday evening, I bring you the first of my ‘Favourite Christmas X’ posts. Each week I’ll (hopefully) be bringing you some of my favourite Christmas-related things, whether that’s TV, film, books,…

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  • Review | The Killers, Wonderful Wonderful Tour at Liverpool Echo Arena

    Review | The Killers, Wonderful Wonderful Tour at Liverpool Echo Arena

    Once upon a time, I was very confused as to why Rosianna would buy tickets to see The Killers on multiple successive nights; it’s safe to say that, after going to one of their Wonderful Wonderful tour gigs, I’m no longer confused at all. Five years to the day after their last visit to the city, the band graced Liverpool…

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  • September Favourites

    September Favourites

    Last month’s Favourites post was a reasonably long effort. Either this month I’ve been more discerning, or I’ve had less new favourites to report, or I’ve had less time to procrastinate and so find new favourites. Actually, that last one sounds most likely. What with finally, mercifully finding a job, worrying about starting that job for…

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  • Tag | Music Tag

    This week’s tag post for Tag Thursdays (yes I’m trying to coin a phrase) features music. I don’t really talk much about music on here, mostly because although I listen to music I’m not at all “into” it – I’m not an expert and never will be and, to be honest, I’m fine with that.…

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  • March In Review ¦ The More Fun Stuff

    If you read the first part to this March In Review post I can only congratulate you for being such a caring person that you read my inane and self-absorbed chatter about my very insignificant life, or else I’ll become suspicious that you are procrastinating writing an essay or studying and merely using my blog…

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  • December Favourites

    I have enjoyed quite a few things lately and I want a manner in which to gush about them in a validated forum that isn’t just Twitter. So here we have (drumroll please) my December Favourites. It’s a short list as I’ve been, well if not actually working on essays then pretending to be, working…

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