September Favourites

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Last month’s Favourites post was a reasonably long effort. Either this month I’ve been more discerning, or I’ve had less new favourites to report, or I’ve had less time to procrastinate and so find new favourites. Actually, that last one sounds most likely. What with finally, mercifully finding a job, worrying about starting that job for days, rushing to move all my possessions over to my new home in Liverpool, getting used to having a job again and all the stuff that goes along with it, getting used to living with Liz (not that that takes much/any effort at all)… well, life has been a bit in flux in September. However, there are still some things I have been enjoying a lot, so I thought I’d share them with you today now that October looms ahead.

Favourite Books

sixofcrowsSix of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

So, this past month I finally got around to reading Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows and by gum it’s good! I adored the Grisha trilogy against my better judgement… and by better judgement I, of course, mean that I have some level of awareness that the characterisation and writing quality could be improved a little. However, Bardugo’s stories are compulsively readable, so obviously I knew this duology about a gang of ruffians taking on an impossible heist to break someone out of an impenetrable fortress would be right up my street. And, hallelujah, everyone was so right when they said this was like a huge level-up from Bardugo’s previous books, it was SO GOOD. In fact, the sequel Crooked Kingdom is laid in wait beside me and I will definitely be picking it up in October.

Favourite Songs

Can’t Stop The Feeling! by Justin Timberlake

Yes I know this song has been out for well over two months so it’s nothing revolutionary, not is it at all obscure. But I’m going to go ahead and admit that I first heard this song thanks to the Trolls trailer which played before Finding Dory. And I didn’t really have much/any desire to see the actual film but I love this song. I defy you to not at the very least want to chair dance. I keep hearing this song everywhere in the UK now that Trolls promotion is kicking up a notch over here and I can safely say I am still not sick of this song – surely the sign of an absolute tune.

Good Grief by Bastille

Towards the start of this month Bastille released their second studio album ‘Wild World’ which is… not what I was expecting from them but by god is it good. I needed a new album to obsess over and it looks like this could very well be the one. I especially love this first song, it’s catchy and compulsively sing-a-long-ish. Just don’t ask me to explain the video because I got nothing.

Favourite Videos

Paige (Enchantology) reads Empire of Storms

This past month saw the release of Sarah J. Maas’ Empire of Storms, the fifth book in the Throne of Glass series which is a rather divisive series in that some people love it, some people used to love it, and some people really dislike it. It’s understandable, and as much as I’m on the fence about the series (though I have only read up to the third book, Heir of Fire), I kind of love seeing people drag it. Sorry/not sorry. Paige is an amazing Booktuber and I love her videos so, obviously, I love to watch her highlight just how problematic a book is.

Sanne (Booksandquills) & Rosianna suggest 10 Ways To Be Kind To Yourself 

I adore Rosianna’s videos. There’s always such variety in the topics she talks about and the tone her videos take – one minute it could be a serious discussion on gender equality politics and the next it could be a personal video about exercise. I love that about Rosianna’s channel and I love the positive attitude she brings to life – she’s a big proponent of the “be kind to yourself” mentality so, as I’m trying to be a bit kinder on myself rather than constantly self-deprecating, I find this video very helpful. Plus the video is hosted by Sanne from Booksandquills and I love Sanne’s lifestyle content as well as her bookish videos.

Sanne (Booksandquills) & Marion (marionhoney) visit Norway

Whenever I see travel vlogs I always instantly want to visit the place in question. So it’s no surprise that I now want to go to Norway. I love the tone of Sanne and Marion’s videos already, so watching them travel together really is just wonderful. (Warning: you will probably want to go to Norway after watching this so proceed with caution.)

So that’s it, folks, those were some of my September Favourites, the things that have kept me entertained this past month. I hope you have found something here that made you smile! 

Did you have any favourite things this past month? Let me know below, I’d love to gather some more recommendations.

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