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  • On feeling dislocated

    Right now, I’m confused. For the last seven years I was merrily attending Macmillan Monday-Friday, waking up at 7, bus at 20 to 8, lessons until 2:45 then bus home. Even when I moved into sixth form I stayed on at Macmillan, meaning 2 more years on the 5-year standard in a place that I…

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  • How is it so easy for people to just not care?

    I experienced this problem throughout secondary school, I arrived at Post-16 and foolishly thought ‘right, you’ve all chosen to be here studying subjects you also got to pick, so everyone ought to care about their grades/education’. Nope, turns out there were still quite a worryingly large group of lazy sods who coasted all year doing…

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  • A defence of my degree subject

    I’m midway through my 7th week  of university (8th week if you count Freshers which, rightfully so, no one seems to) and already the crushing feeling of ‘shit what have I let myself in for’ has arrived when I have moments such as this in which I am able to contemplate life in general. And…

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