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  • Used Books and Book Monogamy

    Used Books and Book Monogamy

    I have a confession to make: barely 3 days after compiling my August TBR list (which I already thought might be tricky to get through in terms of sheer page count), I cheated on it. Yes, that’s right, having committed monogamously to that poor TBR list, I found myself swayed by the allure of another. Specifically, I made…

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  • August TBR

    Over the last few weeks I have left the comforting bubble of undergraduate education and entered into the scary chaos that is Real Life. You know that place that I avoided entering for 3 years by going to university to study English? Yeah, that place. Along with that, I have began the job search. This started…

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  • “We read to know that we are not alone”

    I love lists. There’s nothing better than waking up feeling alarmingly productive and drawing up a to-do list for the day. Well, I lied, there’s nothing better than drawing up a to-do list for the day and being able to cross off 2 or 3 things before you’ve had your second cup of coffee. There’s…

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  • Time to say goodbye

    I’m going to have a lump in my throat when I write this. I know I am, it’s inevitable, so let’s all accept that and continue on anyway. Last Friday I, with shaking hands, jostled through a small group crowding around a couple of sheets of A4 pinned up on a window that meant so…

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  • A Retrospective: Shakespeare and Les Misérables

    Oh, why hello there 2012! Wow, you really were a lifetime ago. And guess who forgot about this blog entirely in that intervening passage of time? Yes, me! It’s particularly wonderful to take a look back at 19 year-old me from the position of 21 year-old me, a person who has finished university and is…

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  • “Brevity is the soul of wit” – so says Polonius. And so say I?

    I find myself unexpectedly interested in the idea of Twitter fiction – that is, telling a story within the confines of Twitter’s 140 character limit. The Guardian challenged authors to try their hand at this and suggested readers contribute their own, via the Twitter tag #140novel. It’s a good way to use social networking sites…

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  • A reflection on personal statements

    Writing a College Essay: The Miracle of Swindon Town #153 I’m a big fan of John Green’s insights into the wonderful world of writing. In his latest video he talks about college application essays and gives some useful advice. For example, don’t be melodramatic,  make sure your writing isn’t fancy and flowery and unnecessarily overwrought.…

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  • What is it good for?

    I think I’ve finally realised why I have such a hard time when it comes to certain essays – right now the essay titles for the International Relations side of the politics course are leaving something to be desired, in my opinion. I don’t get it. I just don’t get IR. I mean, sure I…

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  • A reason to feel like an ignorant human being?

    A reason to feel like an ignorant human being? Hmm well I know nothing of world history. There, I’ve said it. I can just about tell you about World War I and II (the reason I dropped History after Year 9 because I simply couldn’t take another lesson about Adolf Hitler), the Industrial Revolution, castles…

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  • Resolutions

    Aaaah 2012, the year I have looked forward to for 2 very particular reasons- Sherlock series 2 and The Hobbit Part 1. Yes, that really is it. Not the Olympics. Sorry, I’m not a fan, regardless of whether the best athletes in the world will happen to be walking around London this year. Yes I…

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