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  • Tome Topple 7 | Sign Up & TBR

    Tome Topple 7 | Sign Up & TBR

    Welcome one and all to, you guessed it from the title, a sign-up post for Tome Topple. The seventh round of Tome Topple is taking place from the stroke of midnight on 16th November and runs through until 11:59 pm on 29th November. For those who don’t know, Tome Topple is fortnight-long readathon in which…

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  • Tome Topple 6 | Sign Up & TBR

    Tome Topple 6 | Sign Up & TBR

    If you’ve been around the blog for any length of time, you will have discerned that I’m quite a fan of a readathon and I’m even more so a fan of Tome Topple as it ditches the frenzied nature of many readathons to instead focus on the longer, weightier books on your TBR. The last Tome…

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  • Tome Topple | August 2017 | TBR

    Tome Topple | August 2017 | TBR

    It’s that time again – it’s Tome Topple! Apparently this is my fourth Tome Topple?!? Where does the time go? Seriously though, guys, where does it go? And how did I manage to participate (loosely) in all three previous rounds of Tome Topple? Yay for consistency! If you don’t know already, Tome Topple is a fortnight-long readathon created by Sam aka Thoughts…

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  • Tome Topple | Updates Post

    Hi folks, this is my Updates Post for round 3 of Tome Topple. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please do refer to my TBR post which has all the information. Basically, there’s a readathon happening for the next fortnight where you have to read tomes (i.e. books over 500 pages), and I’m…

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  • Tome Topple | TBR

    Some of you may remember that I participated in Tome Topple back in November (take a peek at my TBR and Updates from then, if you’re interested) and it’s back again, for Round 3! This round is taking place from midnight (in your timezone) on 7th April to 11:59pm (in your timezone) on 20th April! The basic rule is…

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  • Tome Topple | Updates Post

    As you may have seen, I’m taking part in this round of the Tome Topple readathon. I’m not sure how much intensive reading I’m going to get done over the next fortnight but I’ve put together a tentative TBR stack to choose from. This is officially my Updates post for the course of the readathon…

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  • Tome Topple | TBR

    That’s right, my friends, I’m ignoring the fact I have TBR books on the go, and that I failed spectacularly at Victober, and I’m participating in another readathon! This time, I foolishly sign my name up to the second round of the Tome Topple Readathon. (My TBR and Updates post from the previous round can be found…

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  • #tometopple | Updates Post

    #tometopple | Updates Post

    As you might have seen on my recent TBR post, I’m participating in the Tome Topple Readathon hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes. You can find all the information about the readathon via the aforementioned blog post or pop over to Sam’s channel to see her announcement video for the readathon. Since it lasts…

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  • #tometopple | Stating My Intentions

    #tometopple | Stating My Intentions

    Clearly, because low-key participating in Hobb-A-Long and #readasoiaf isn’t quite enough to take on (combined with finding a job so I can move and stop wasting hours on the Ikea website for nothing) I’ve decided to also participate in the #tometopple readathon next week. For those who haven’t yet heard of the readathon, Tome Topple (or…

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