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That’s right, my friends, I’m ignoring the fact I have TBR books on the go, and that I failed spectacularly at Victober, and I’m participating in another readathon! This time, I foolishly sign my name up to the second round of the Tome Topple Readathon. (My TBR and Updates post from the previous round can be found HERE.)

For those who haven’t yet heard of the readathon, Tome Topple was created by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes and the idea is to tackle some of those really big books or “tomes” in a fortnight-long readathon. I really like this readathon because my main issue with a lot of readathons is that they’re focused on reading as much as you can in terms of number of books. I can’t speed read (yet) so I only get through 1, 2 if I’m really lucky, books per readathon and I feel like a failure compared to others. But Tome Topple, by comparison, is all about the longer books, so it’d be an accomplishment if I managed to read 2 books by the end of it all! It’s mainly all about cheering each other on to tackle those hefty tomes you’d otherwise put off reading.

If you’re maybe interested in participating and want to know more first, you can find Sam’s announcement video HERE, the Goodreads group HERE, and the Twitter account HERE.

This round of Tome Topple is taking place from midnight (in your timezone) on 18th November to 11:59pm (in your timezone) on 1st December! The basic rule is that all books read must be 500+ pages. There are some challenge options too:

  1. Read more than 1 tome
  2. Read a graphic novel
  3. Read a tome that’s part of a series
  4. Buddy read a tome (use goodreads and twitter to find buddies!)
  5. Read an adult novel

I’ll most likely complete some of the challenges since they certainly help to pick out my TBR. (I definitely won’t be completing challenge 2 as I don’t own any graphic novels over 500 pages and I don’t intend to purchase one anytime soon – I’m not made of money!) Buddy reading depends on if I can sucker anyone into reading the same book as me… potentially The Host – if you want to make good on that flippant suggestion, Liz?

My (Potential) TBR
I’ll be choosing from the following books to fulfil the challenges above:

That seems like an appropriate amount of diversity in genre and tone to (hopefully) suit my mood changing over the next couple of weeks. I just hope I finish at least one of these books on my potential TBR – setting achievable goals, this girl!

Are you planning to participate in the Tome Topple Readathon?
Comment below and we can cheer each other on throughout the readathon!

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5 responses to “Tome Topple | TBR”

  1. Won’t be doing this challenge (because trying to finish my last few challenges for the year!) but I can highly recommend All the Light We Cannot See (and the short chapters make it ‘easy’ reading, despite the length of the book).


    • I’m currently reading All The Light We Cannot See now and you definitely weren’t wrong about it being “easy reading” in terms of the shorter chapters – it really is quite literally a page turner of a book. I’m really enjoying it, even if the chapter I just read was emotional enough for me to have to put it down entirely before I started crying on public transport!

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      • I think the true beauty of this book reveals itself when you’ve finished it and think back – the analogies and motifs Doerr uses, all the way through, are amazing.

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