Dear October (5)

Inspired by Emily Diana Ruth’s Letters to July series, along with Carrie Hope Fletcher’s re-jigging of the concept for her own Letters to Autumn seriously, I thought I would write a little snippet each day to the lovely month that is October. So here goes nothing…

5th October

5th October you were a day when the typical autumn weather reared its ugly, but familiar, head. Woken by rain and wind pounding against the window and yep, then I knew where I was immediately. And I knew I needed milk. The trek of all of five minutes to the on-campus shop seems all the more treacherous when you have driving wind and rain trying to soak every last exposed piece of skin. But Lancaster, I wouldn’t have you any other way. Well, maybe I’d have more snow days than we ever get, but now I’m just being greedy.

I ventured into the library today too (after my first expedition in search of milk) and discovered the lower ground section that has been opened up because of the refurbishment going on. To say the shelving system down there is scary is an understatement. Rows and rows of shelves operated by turning levers to open up space to walk between them – I can already see an inevitable accident occurring. Still, October, I returned unscathed and with books in hand. On opening them, snuggled back up in my room, I discovered phrases such as ‘constitutive dehiscence’ and made the executive decision that maybe this was reading material for another day when I wasn’t yawning into my sixth cup of tea. October, with you, you bring the return of the familiar.

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