Dear October (6)

Inspired by Emily Diana Ruth’s Letters to July series, along with Carrie Hope Fletcher’s re-jigging of the concept for her own Letters to Autumn seriously, I thought I would write a little snippet each day to the lovely month that is October. So here goes nothing…

6th October

Ah Mondays, October you were the first Monday of not only a brand new term, not only a brand new academic year, but also the first Monday of a brand new degree. Specifically my MA. And true to form of the Arts student with very little contact hours, I did not spend today in any form of academic arena. No, instead I was at work, discovering that as the term had started up, so had appointments for all manner of things – disability, funding, welfare and well-being, visa applications… the list goes on and on.

And being confronted with that list at work made me realise, October, how incredibly easy I have it. I, as a UK student, chose to study in the country of my birth and education. Therefore I did not need to worry about complex visa applications. I did not need to worry about funding (at least not for my undergraduate degree!), I was incredibly fortunate in that my road to university throughout was incredibly clear of obstacles. October, today I realised how fortunate I am.

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