Dear October (8)

Inspired by Emily Diana Ruth’s Letters to July series, along with Carrie Hope Fletcher’s re-jigging of the concept for her own Letters to Autumn seriously, I thought I would write a little snippet each day to the lovely month that is October. So here goes nothing…

8th October

October, I feel ill. Not in the kind of I have an illness way, more in the I-messed-up-my-sleeping-pattern-and-didn’t-keep-hydrated-enough-and-now-I-feel-simultaneously-sick-and-hungry. So it’s my own stupid fault.

Anyone who knows me knows I have a real dislike for vomiting. Not that anyone particularly likes it but just that stomach-clenching feeling, that realisation that you are going to be sick, brings me to tears quickly. Because I know it’s inevitable. And yet a nap did nothing to help, forcing myself to eat plain things did not help, drinking water did not help. I don’t know what it is October but wow I hate feeling like this and not being able to fix it somehow.

Wednesday 8th October, you kind of suck. Fix it tomorrow, please.

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