Dear October (9)

Inspired by Emily Diana Ruth’s Letters to July series, along with Carrie Hope Fletcher’s re-jigging of the concept for her own Letters to Autumn seriously, I thought I would write a little snippet each day to the lovely month that is October. So here goes nothing…

9th October

October, I feel much better today, thank you for listening to my pleas.

Today was a day which included work, a lot of rain, and a new friend. Not an actual human friend because no, that would be too ridiculous. There was a house-plant sale in Alex Square and obviously, on my way back from the stall where I bought the best flapjacks I have ever tasted, I spied a little cactus that I thought – you, I am taking you home. Because we all like to personalise our rooms and it would be rude not to share mine with a little plant. So cactus it is.

So everyone say hello to Cal. I’m fairly certain he’s a he, I hate to impose gender roles on him but I think he’s okay with it. He’s a little dramatic and a touch flamboyant but I wouldn’t have him any other way. We’ll see if we’re still friends come the end of term, or even just the end of October.

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