Friday Reads | 4th December


Another week goes by, another Friday rolls round with the promise of a weekend’s worth of reading. For most people this Friday Reads trend (tag? Meme?) is especially relevant because they work hard 9-5 at jobs during the week so Saturday and Sunday represents 48 hours of blissful freedom from the office. 

However unemployed graduates like myself who are seeking work find that Friday is just another day, Saturday and Sunday are only a little different because the majority of those around us are also not in work either for those two days. Which is why I find stating my intentions to read a lot over the weekend to be ironic, to say the least, because weekends are the time when more people, more distractions (lovely though they are), are all around me. Still, everyone loves some good intentions…

 So mine for this weekend are to finish the following two books which I’m currently reading: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson and Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig. Finishing the latter seems immensely doable considering I only started reading it this afternoon and I’m already a third of the way through. It’s very readable, if emotional, so it seems like I will fly through the rest. The former book, on the other hand, is very readable and brilliant but it’s a fantasy book therefore it demands more concentration (something which is more difficult on weekends, as I mentioned) and more commitment (since it’s a 600-page chunk of a book). So we’ll see how that goes.

What are you reading this weekend? Any seasonal or festive reads? Do you find you actually read less on weekends, as I seem to?

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