Friday Reads | 9th September


Just a quick Friday Reads post from me today! Here I’ll share what I plan to read this Friday and into the weekend ahead but, as we all know, I rarely follow through on reading plans once I document them here. However, I’m hoping this one sticks since I have the house all to myself this weekend and therefore absolutely zero distractions… well apart from watching Gilmore Girls of course, which is a pretty sizeable distraction in itself. I must resist!

A Feast For Crows – George R.R. Martin (x)

As I’ve mentioned countless times, I’m participating in the #readasoiaf readalong where we read a book from the A Song of Ice and Fire series every month. This month’s book is the fourth in the series – A Feast For Crows – and after the slog that was the first part of A Storm of Swords last month I’m so excited to get to this book. I’ve heard this book is very political and scheming-focused and I’m actually really looking forward to that because that element is my favourite part of the series.

With the readalong it’s best to read a little each day because 30 pages seems much more manageable than being faced with a 778-page behemoth but I decided I needed to take a little break to read, well, anything other than A Song of Ice and Fire. Because of that I’m now 9 days behind my schedule but I think, with a little adjustment, I can still catch up so I’m hoping to get a jump on that today/this weekend – wish me luck?

An Ember in the Ashes – Sabaa Tahir (x)

The second book in the series, A Torch Against the Night, has finally been released and I have it. It’s all new and shiny and wonderful. But, of course, I’ve completely forgotten most of what actually happened in An Ember in the Ashes so I desperately needed a re-read before moving onto the new book.

I’m not going to lie – when I read this first book initially part of what had appealed to me so much was that it was marketed as a standalone. That’s right, in a world where every YA fantasy series seemingly has to be a trilogy (at the very least) here was something claiming to be one volume only. I found it refreshing… except, of course, the book did well and oh, surprise surprise, turns out there is more of the story that could be coaxed out into sequels. Maybe I’m a cynic but that bugged me a little.

I’ve tried to stop being petty and put that behind me, because, as I recall, An Ember in the Ashes is actually a pretty good story and I shouldn’t let something like that put me off – if anything I should be delighted that there’s more story to be told, so I’m really hoping A Torch Against the Night is good. Before that, though, I need to re-read Ember so hopefully this one will be a quick read over the weekend.

So those are the books I will hopefully be reading today and this weekend.
What are you reading at the moment?
Do you have you any weekend plans, reading-related or otherwise?
Have you read any of the books I’m planning to read – what did you think?
Feel free to share below!

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8 responses to “Friday Reads | 9th September”

    • Hahaha thank you! Don’t be jel, though, I’m only like 80 pages in.

      You just gotta keep on swimming, you’ll finish Storm of Swords, I believe in you!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks, I need that belief big time, really really struggling. Oh well, one day I will see the end.
        It’s not even like I hate it, it’s not like pulling teeth where you have to sit and tolerate it, I actually like it. I’m just struggling actually reading it.


        • It’s a struggle, I know, sometimes I found myself thinking ‘but I’ve read 400 pages of this book, how is there still more to read?!’

          When I committed to reading it in a certain amount of days and calculated how many pages a day that would take I then dog-eared the pages at each increment so I knew how many days ahead or behind I was. That tactic really helped me to shift through it, not that I didn’t enjoy it (I really did) but sometimes the visual marker of progress really helps with the motivation.

          And of course I believe in you, if I had the capability in this comment I would be sending you all sorts of encouraging gifs.

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  1. Good luck with Feast for Crows! I’ve read the entire series and completely understand how they can be a bit too daunting sometimes – I think it took me over a year to read them all!


    • Thank you! And woo for reading the entire series. :)

      They’re quite a commitment to make but I think reading one a month has been a good pace for me – it means I don’t leave too long between the books so I don’t forget what’s happening, which is always a worry with longer book series.

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