Friday Reads | 16th September


Just a quick Friday Reads post from me today! Here I’ll share what I plan to read this Friday and into the weekend ahead but, as we all know, I rarely follow through on reading plans once I document them here.

However I have a pretty big real-life update. The big big news is… (drumroll please!) I’ve been offered a job, across the country, and it starts on Wednesday! Which is fantastic – it means I can move out (to Liverpool no less) and will have a job again (so I don’t have to job hunt, woo!) and it seems like it’ll be a pretty great job – all signs are good. However, since I start on Wednesday I really need to kick up the sorting and packing so it’s quite likely that my weekend reading will be sporadic, at best.

So, aside from continuing to make my way through An Ember in the Ashes and A Feast for Crows as mentioned in my last Friday Reads post, I have a review due for Cuckoo Review on Monday so I’ll be focusing the bulk of my sparse reading time on that book which is…

Here I Stand: Stories That Speak For Freedom

img_0929“Did you know that…

… government spies can turn on your phone and use the microphone to listen in to your conversation?

… lesbian and gay relationships are illegal in 78 countries?

… in 2015 Amnesty recorded the highest number of executions globally for more than 25 years? In fifth place – after China, Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia – was the USA.”
(Blurb taken from the book’s dust-jacket)

Edited by Amnesty International, this collection features contributions from contemporary writers and illustrators such as Matt Haig, John Boyne, Jackie Kay, Frances Hardinge, Neil Gaiman, and Chris Riddell to name but a few, all of whom explore the human rights that are being threatened across the world to this very day.

This seems like a very important, if hard-hitting, collection (I fully anticipate feeling enraged, physically sick, and heartbroken in various measures) so I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing it for Cuckoo Review’s website.

So those are the books I will hopefully be reading today and this weekend.
What are you reading at the moment?
Do you have you any weekend plans, reading-related or otherwise?
Have you read any of the books I’m planning to read – what did you think?
Feel free to share below!

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