Life Update 2.0

Well, my friends, I am officially living in Liverpool. I am officially working in Birchwood, meaning I have the delight of a 20-minute busy train journey every morning and evening. Fun! But, hey, standing up for that long and walking 20-ish minutes to/from the station must be doing me some good.

As far as moving goes, I moved as much of my stuff as I needed/could fit in Liz’s car on Tuesday 20th. I started work the very next day so that was an adjustment and a half! Our journey from the North East to the North West went really smoothly – we enjoyed ourselves listening to Now That’s What I Call Music songs on the drive over and the brief shudder of distaste when we reached Manchester was the only bad point of the drive for Liz. (She’s a Scouser so… I’m pretty sure it’s an ingrained and involuntary reaction.) My parents brought over the remainder of my stuff this Friday just gone.

Let me tell you – I have somehow accumulated a tonne of crap over the years. Despite having a box room at home (and so limited about how much I could actually keep in it), I expanded my collection of extraneous crap in my four years at university – I’ve accumulated way too many mugs, for example. But now they have a happy home in the house in Liverpool. (If there’s one thing Liz and I will never be short of, it’s mugs!)

As for my things that aren’t mugs, well, they need to find their places once I have finished decorating my new room. Currently I’m staying in the third/guest bedroom whilst we do the remaining sanding, painting, carpeting, and furniture-acquiring. Speaking of which, next week we hope to get the bulk of these jobs done. The carpet arrives to be fitted on Tuesday, an IKEA delivery arrives Friday, so I anticipate next weekend will be filled with flat-pack furniture assembling and deciding where all of my belongings should/can fit. Then maybe yet another IKEA or Argos trip will be necessary for the remainder of the furniture – I’m just going with the flow and seeing what’s what once I have a clearer idea of how much stuff I need to hand and how much can remain in boxes tucked into corners somewhere in the house.

As for the job? Well, it seems to be going well. I haven’t had any complaints thus far so I can only assume that’s good! It’s an administration role (I’m a clerical assistant in a university department) and because of my previous experience within HE as a student and as an employee, I think I have a good insight so I’m picking things up in my first few weeks fairly quickly. Or, at least, my coworker and immediate bosses seem happy with me so yay, let’s not question it! Plus it’s a really friendly environment and fairly casual in tone so I think I’m fitting in okay. Only time will tell once the academic year kicks in and more students/staff start having issues they need resolving.

When it comes to other stuff… I can’t deny it – I miss home sometimes. Well, mostly I miss my nephew – though I’m sure he doesn’t notice that much difference! I’m hoping to Skype/Facetime more once I’m properly settled and have my own space/room and things at work etc. become just another part of the day. I’m hoping to get into a routine, broadly speaking, that means I call home more regularly. And maybe I should sort out some kind of visiting on weekends. We’ll see once I properly find my feet.

So, the take away point from this Life Update 2.0 is that everything is a little bit still in flux, which means my posting is a tad irregular but hopefully will be getting into a routine soon. Likewise, I’m hoping to get into more of a routine with work and start reading more in evenings like I used to at home – you know, all part of that whole work/life balance people keep telling me about.

That’s all for now – once I’ve completed my room to my liking I am more than sure I will be showing it off here because it’ll be the first bedroom I’ve been able to completely decorate and fill with what I want. That’s a pretty big deal so I definitely anticipate that post is on the horizon.

Until next time!

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