October Favourites

October was a rather lovely month; it usually is. It’s my birthday, so that’s always very nice, mainly because it gives me an excuse to spend money on books and/or food. October brings a proper sense of moving into Winter at last, with all the suitably aesthetically pleasing golden leaves falling off trees, and with Christmas decorations beginning to creep into supermarkets and shops. I adore Christmas, and winter is my favourite season, so I’m very much looking forward to the months ahead. However, this post is not about what is to come but what has been – specifically, these are a few of the things I enjoyed in October. If you want to see September’s favourites post, you can find it here, otherwise read on to find what I obsessed over in October.

Favourite Books

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

crookedkingdomAnd in a completely predictable turn of events, just as Six of Crows had pride of place on my September Favourites post, so does Crooked Kingdom on this October Favourites post. I inhaled this greedily over the course of the 24-hour readathon a couple of weekends ago, and I was so incredibly sad once it was over. That is the sign of a truly brilliant book. It’s a complete change of pace from the first, though, so if you’re expecting another heist then you’ll be sorely disappointed; rather, it deals with the fall-out of the conclusion of Six of Crows and its action is more focused in on that den of thieves and dubious morals that is the city of Ketterdam itself. I loved it, it’s one of my favourite books of the year, and as a duology these novels have quickly but firmly become some of my all-time favourite YA fantasies.

Favourite Films

Doctor Strange

The latest offering in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Dr Strange was a film I always knew, from the very first teaser, that I’ve have to see in the cinema, in the best way possible. Having now seen the film I’m fully convinced that if you see it in anything less than IMAX, it won’t be the same film. It’s a film that bends reality, time and space, and matter itself, so obviously depth of frame created with 3D is downright necessary. I hate 3D, it makes my eyes and head hurt, but I’d watch Dr Strange over and over again in 3D. Although I’m always a Benedict Cumberbatch fan (I even ignore the weirdness of hearing an American accent come out of that mouth), I have to say he wasn’t my favourite character at all in the film. Tilda Swinton is epic, as Tilda Swinton often is but, for my money, the cape was easily one of the best characters, second only to Wong.

Favourite TV


If you haven’t come across Hunted before, it is a TV show in which people go on the run for 28 days, trying their best to live as fugitives from the law and avoid detection by a team of ‘hunters’. The hunters are obvs ex-military, ex-intelligence etc., including my personal favourites – excellent Chief Peter Bleksley (who def did something with the mafia) and Ben ‘attractive but dead behind the eyes’ Owen. If they successfully evade capture they win a share of £100,000 so it’s pretty damn tempting. I love this show so much. I love spy things, and this is like watching Spooks tbh, but with less terrorists and more stupid people who don’t understand the concept of ‘maybe don’t use your phone because they can track it and find you’. My favourite contestant is Nick, a seemingly inept, bumbling house husband that managed to evade capture in the first episode simply by accident. Every one of the hunters underestimated him and he proved them all so wrong.

An Idiot Abroad

I rediscovered my love for this show out of necessity – I had very few DVDs left at my parent’s house, this was one of them. Karl Pilkington, described (lovingly) as an idiot, is sent off to see the Wonders of the World by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant purely for their own amusement. It’s a travel show unlike any other and it’s the most honest travel show you will ever see. He described seeing the Great Wall of China like this: “To be honest with you, it’s not the “great” wall, it’s an “all right” wall. It’s the All Right Wall of China.” The slightly horrifying thing is he’s not often wrong, he just says the honest thing that people don’t want to, for fear of looking like they’re just uncultured. Karl aint worried about that, he says what he thinks, and what he thinks is hilarious.

Favourite Music

‘Satisfied’ from Hamilton

I must admit, I still haven’t listened to all of Hamilton, I can’t bring myself to do it because I know it will make me sad. However, I’m saving myself for it because I’m fully intending to sell my soul for tickets now that it’s opening in the West End. ‘Satisfied’ is a wonderful song though, a bit Nicki Minaj, the speeding up and slowing down is insanely hard to sing (don’t think I haven’t tried), and it’s such fun… well except for the bit where it’s actually mildly heart-breaking but, you know, that’s Hamilton for you.


Borders Yogurt, Cranberry & Pumpkin Seeds Oat Crumbles

biscuitBasically I need a way to talk about these and they don’t fit at all in any categories but they deserve one of their very own, truly. I am, of course, describing Borders Biscuits’ yogurt, cranberry and pumpkin seed biscuits. I don’t know what it is about these biscuits but they are amazing and addictive. There’s the crunch and bit of bite from the pumpkin seeds but there’s also a slight creaminess from the drizzled yogurt and then a sweetness and softness from the cranberry. They’re just… yum! I could eat packet after packet of these are not get bored, honest.

So that’s it, folks, those were some of my October Favourites, the things that have kept me entertained this past month. I hope you have found something here that made you smile! 

Did you have any favourite things this past month? Let me know below, I’d love to gather some more recommendations.

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4 responses to “October Favourites”

  1. I love that song and I intend to see Hamilton when it comes to London! Great selection of favourites :)


    • I love it too, Melis, and I’m definitely going to try to get tickets (though I know they’re going to be super in-demand!). Thank you! :)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I didn’t care about the Hamilton hype because I’m not into musicals. But then I heard You’ll Be Back and now I play that song on repeat and I’m singing it 24/7 haha. I actually want to see the musical now.


    • You’ll Be Back is such a fun song! I’d say Hamilton is one of those musicals that even people who aren’t such a fan of musicals can still enjoy – probably because it has so many different musical styles on its soundtrack. :)


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