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I found this amazing Disney themed Tag on Michelle’s Purple Pumpkin Blog, and it seems quite fitting because as you read this I will be arriving in Disney World Orlando, all excited to experience the magical world of Disney for the very first time. As I’m writing these we’re a few days away from the holiday but I am so excited so I figured it would be useful to channel this energy into something semi useful by completing a Disney themed tag!

1. Favourite Disney Film?

I always struggle to answer this succinctly but I’m going to try. My first true love of Disney will always be Pocahontas when it comes to the animated films and Mary Poppins for the live-action ones. Most recent new love is Moana and Hercules (I did not fully appreciate the latter properly when I was younger so I consider this a “new” love to me).

2. Favourite Disney Character?

Again, it’s so hard to pick one but since I’ve spied that sidekicks and princesses can pop up in the questions after this, I’ll try to pick a Disney “prince” for this one. I love Flynn Rider from Tangled – who wouldn’t? (Also, and this explains SO much about my taste in guys, Roger from 101 Dalmatians.)


3. Favourite Disney Princess?

Can I pick Megara from Hercules and Rapunzel from Tangled? They’re both kick-ass in their own ways and I also love me some sass.

4. Favourite Disney side-kick?

Meeko from Pocahontas, no question about it.


5. Favourite Disney Song?

This is a horrifying question to ask any Disney fan and I’ll bet most refuse to answer, right? Here’s the thing, there are quite a few Disney songs which I enjoy a lot but I don’t actually love the films all that much, whereas there are others which I am fiercely loyal to because I adore the films. I’ll let you guess which is which and I’m going to give you top ones now, as of day, this very minute:


6. Which Disney Character would be your best friend?

If you can get past Dick Van Dyke’s terrible Cockney accent, I think I’d quite like to be friends with Bert from Mary Poppins. As Mary herself says “when you’re with a sweep, you’re in glad company” – I just feel like Bert would be such a loyal and encouraging friend and always stand by me. Also he’d take me on rooftops to watch chimneysweeps dance about which is always a lark.

7. Who would be your Disney pet?

Can I have a Gus from Cinderella please? He’s so cute! He’d eat all my cheese so we may need to have words about that but damn I’d probably forgive his cute little face.


8a. Have you ever been to Disneyland?

No I have not, but I will be very, very soon, as I said! Me and Liz are off to Disney World Orlando and I could not be more nervous and excited to see how I like the most magical place on earth. (As you’re reading this, I will be in my first day of Disney – how exciting!)

8b. If yes, what is you favourite ride?

I’ll let you know when I’m back home in November! ;) I have a feeling I’m going to like the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean most though.

9. Who is your Disney Alter-Ego?

I really did not know how to answer this question, so, I did the adult thing and found a quiz online that told me that my good and villainous alter-egos are:

I mean I’m not sure how I was blessed enough to get Belle but it was probably all the really obvious questions about books. I don’t disagree with their assessment of Belle or me though. And apparently my villainous alter ego is Jafar. I mean I hate Aladdin (the film, not the character) so I guess I’m with him on that one. I’d be cool with being an evil sorcerer with great clothes to be honest.


10. Who is your favourite Disney Villain?

For pure villain who enjoys themselves I’m gonna go for Hades from Hercules. But you know who is properly horrifying as a villain, mainly because they don’t seem like one until too late? A certain someone from Frozen (no spoilers here), I’m still reeling from that.


11. Do you collect anything Disney-wise?

Not particularly – the downside of having the box room as my bedroom for my entire life until I moved away to university was that space was a premium and I couldn’t exactly waste it on collecting much of anything. I’m sad about this fact though, and maybe going to Disney Orlando will be the start of a collection of something Disney?

12. What Disney film would you star in if you could?

I think I’m with Liz on this one, I’d love the chance to voice a Disney villain, though I’m not entirely sure I could be menacing enough. And, as far as live-action Disney goes? Mary Poppins, forever and always, and I don’t even care who I’d be.

13. How old were you when you first watched a Disney Film?

I have literally no idea. I know my childhood was full of The Lion King, Pocahontas, and Cinderella (the tatty VHS of the third is still knocking about my parents’ house somewhere) and that me and my mum used to religiously watch the likes of Mary Poppins and Bedknobs and Broomsticks together once I was a little older. My very first DVD was a special edition copy of Beauty and the Beast… so it’s safe to say that Disney has always seemed to be a part of my life and I wouldn’t be surprised if I was plonked down in front of the bright colours of a Disney film at much younger age than I could ever be expected to remember.

14. Who is your favourite Disney Couple?

I know it’s quite clear that I love this film but, seriously, Flynn and Rapuzel from Tangled are so damn cute it’s ridiculous.


15. What do you love about Disney?

Disney was a huge part of my childhood, without me immediately realising the impact it has had on how I have grown up as a person and the values which I now attach to my life. From the animated films about beasts and lions to the Disney Channel Original Movies featuring ice skaters and cadets to the live-action capers featuring pirates and chimneysweeps alike, Disney will now always have a certain nostalgia value as it was one of the first things me and my mum bonded over – and we probably still do now as adults. Disney brings people together in special ways and it was integral to my childhood, even if I probably didn’t realise/appreciate it fully at the time.

That’s all folks, that was the Disney Book Tag. Have you taken part in the tag yet? No? Do you love Disney? Then consider yourself tagged by yours truly – and please do link me to your answers in the comments!

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