Friday Reads | 27th November


Huzzah, huzzah, it’s Friday again! Which means it is high time for some weekend reading goal settings, regardless of how busy the weekend is looking. I don’t have much/anything planned at all for this weekend but I just have a funny sort of feeling that I’ll be distracted for a lot of it. I’m not sure where this feeling has come from… but Netflix staring at me hopefully might have something to do with it. I’m in the middle of Jessica Jones, I don’t think anyone who has seen it is going to be surprised that I might choose to finish that over reading this weekend. Even so, it’s good to have targets so my Friday Reads looks a little like this:
Yes, that’s it, just one small book I’ve already started: Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee. Initially I was a bit unsure if I actually was interested in reading it, truth be told, because whilst I enjoyed To Kill a Mockingbird I wasn’t hugely interested in the sound of this and that, coupled with some of the ethical controversies behind the publishing of this “sequel”, made me hesitant to pick this up.

But when I noticed my library catalogue had it in stock I thought I’d give it a go, finally, now the hype and controversy has died down to a low murmur every so often. I’m not sure what to make of it so far, which is a weird opinion to have considering I’m over half way through it at the time of writing this. It’s just so not something I would ordinarily pick up. I don’t know, I suppose I should reserve judgement until I’ve finished it completely but at the moment I have no idea why this was even published in this state since it needs a lot of clarification and editing, in my opinion. Sorry/not sorry.

So that’s quite a low bar I’m setting but, like I said, I just have an odd feeling this weekend is going to be not especially conducive to reading. And at least by finishing Go Set a Watchmen I’ll have ticked something off a list of books I must read before the year is over.

So that’s how my Friday reading is looking – how about yours, what books are you all perusing this weekend? Would love to hear any thoughts/comments/recommendations!

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