War and Peace Newbies Read-Along | Week One


Welcome one, welcome all, to the first of my weekly progress reports proper for War and Peace. You may have seen my first post from last week but this is the real deal, week 1, actual words of War and Peace have been readFor those unaware, I’m taking part in the War and Peace Newbies Read-along, as hosted by Laura from Reading In Bed, and I will be making my way downtown through this chunker of a book over the next couple of months and, this time, I hope I will succeed in making it through to the bitter end (or at least past around page 200 where I gave up last time).

Every week I will be doing a short progress wrap-up/my thoughts so far on the book, very low key, probably in the form of bullet points, and likely not always coherent. So don’t expect eloquence is what I’m trying to say. Expectations lowered accordingly? Ok, then let’s begin, with Week 1 which covered Part I, Volume I of War and Peace:

And those, dear readers, were my oh so insightful comments about Volume I, Part I of War and Peace. I never said they’d be particularly intelligent so there we go, week 1 is now over, we move onto week 2 and Volume II, Part II of the book – and until next time…

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5 responses to “War and Peace Newbies Read-Along | Week One”

  1. Oh it’s definitely a real bear. I mean, I have no basis for that, other than, I prefer to think so!!

    I’m conflicted with Andrei. Usually I go for the brooding, complicated rebellious type… but he’s not quite that, is he? He’s actually quite conventional, and too afraid to rebel… he’s got the brooding thing down though. It’s all about Pierre for me. He’s the hero.

    Anna and Catiche and Vassily fighting over that portfolio is comedy gold.


    • I prefer to think it’s a real bear too, because that’s one hell of a night out.

      Pierre is the real hero of the piece, I’m sure of it. No thank you to Andrei – I feel like I’m being set up to think he’s the hero but… I’m not falling for that one, Tolstoy, try again!

      I cling to the comedy gold. And I’m pleasantly surprised that there is as much comedy as there is! :)


  2. That’s hilarious that he gave you permission to skip. I actually love that.

    I, too, was laughing at how casually these layabouts were hanging out with an actual bear (baby bear or not). Talk about animal cruelty. Not to mention police brutality, haha.

    I’m a bit surprised by your reaction to Andrei. I didn’t find that he was in the book long enough to really put someone off that much. Maybe the mini-series informed your view. I don’t know, though. I haven’t seen it. What’s his portrayal like? Is it very broody?

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    • It’s official, you heard it here, folks! ;)

      I can’t help but feel sorry for the bear in all of this – it didn’t ask to hang out with a bunch of drunken dudes, let alone be tied to a police man. Poor baby bear.

      I’m just not keen, I feel as though it’s being set up for him to have a huge arc where he “finds himself” (and that does seem to be happening in part 2) and really becomes the book’s Big Hero but he’s just not for me. In the mini-series (which I’m more than sure is affecting my reading of Andrei) he mainly just sulked around for the first episode and he has quite a petulant resting expression when he’s in the society gatherings, so I’m sure this is why I’m not his biggest fan. We’ll see in the next parts to come though! :)

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