The Full Monte Readalong | Week Three


Bonsoir mes amis et bienvenue sur le blog pour la troisième semaine du ‘Le Comte de Monte Cristo’.

For those unaware of the reason for my (frankly shoddy) French, I am currently taking part in Laura from Reading In Bed‘s 2018 summer readalong for Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo. We’ve reached Week Three in which I had a rather big crisis of faith as to why I was reading this book but I think I came out mostly unscathed, it’s just this post’s comprehensiveness which may be compromised in the struggle.

To catch up, check out my sign-up post, my week one update and my week two update, which will bring you up to speed with summaries of the first forty chapters of the book. You can also see how I’m doing (or not doing) every single day, by checking out my reading progress spreadsheet and I’m also updating periodically in a Twitter thread, using the hashtag #TheFullMonte.

At the end of Week Two, we left the Count of Monte Cristo having breakfast with his new found pals in Paris and (spoiler alert) Week Three sees more society schmoozing and maybe a vendetta or two and ends with another rather civilised invitation to dinner (it’s all about the food with these people). But let’s take a closer look at what happened in Chapters 41-60 in my usual overly long and slapdash (but not at all comprehensive) manner…

Aaand that’s all for Week 3 (aka chapters 41-60) so join me same place, same time, next week to discover what goes down in the next 20 chapters. Until then, remember: if you ever want to invent multiple complex personas in order to conduct probably shady deals and exact revenge on people who wronged you, if these people are men you need not worry about them recognising you through your disguise. They literally will not see you even if you’re sat right in front of them. Be wary of women though, they know what’s what.

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3 responses to “The Full Monte Readalong | Week Three”

  1. I definitely enjoyed this week a lot more than last week – no irrelevant stories about bandits, for a start.

    I was wondering if other people thought Mercedes had recognised Dantes or not. I thought she had, but it’s difficult to tell sometimes…

    Haha, I would LOVE the secret plot twist to be that Abbe Busoni was a vampire who bit Dantes in the prison and now he’s an immortal nightwalker with a penchant for revenge. I think this might tip this book into Best Classic Ever status.

    There’s no getting around that this IS a really clever book. All the subplots and people popping up as different people. But then again, I completely agree that we could have done without the three page description of a vegetable garden.

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