The Full Monte Readalong | Week Five


Bonsoir mes amis et bienvenue sur le blog pour la cinquième semaine du ‘Le Comte de Monte Cristo’.

For those unaware of the reason for my (frankly shoddy) French, I am currently taking part in Laura from Reading In Bed‘s 2018 summer readalong for Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo. To catch up, check out my sign-up post, my week one update, my week two updatemy week three update, and my week four update which will bring you up to speed with summaries of the first eighty chapters of the book. You can also see how I’m doing (or not doing) every single day, by checking out my reading progress spreadsheet and I’m also updating periodically in a Twitter thread, using the hashtag #TheFullMonte.

Guess who didn’t learn from the last couple of weeks and left all her reading until the weekend like an idiot? This girl! My poor life choices are nothing if not consistent… (I also had the excuse of the NEWTs readathon this time)

Aaand that’s all for Week 5 (aka chapters 81-100) folks! So join me same place, same time, next week (the final week!) to discover what goes down in the closing chapters. We’ve come so far, guys, we’re almost there! But until then, remember: always go to the signing of a wedding contract, you never know what drama involving the police and escaped convicts is going to unfold whilst you’re there.

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