The Full Monte Readalong | Week One


If you’ve been around these parts for some time, you may remember my participation in the War and Peace Newbies Readalong last year. I didn’t actually finish the book (I still haven’t, ok?) but I enjoyed the hell out of myself reading War and Peace and doing weekly summary posts of what had went down in Russia in the chapters I’d read that week. This summer brings Laura from Reading In Bed‘s 2018 readalong pick which is Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo – you may have seen my sign-up post last week – which is the book I am officially reading over the next six weeks.

I have a fancy reading progress spreadsheet with which you can track my progress down to the very page, and I’m also updating periodically on Goodreads and via Twitter, using the hashtag #TheFullMonte. However, I will also be continuing the tradition and doing weekly summary posts in which I recap how what has happened in the book in the past week’s chapters and how I feel about the story so far.

Week One brought with it the first 20 chapters of The Count of Monte Cristo, starting with the oh so excitingly titled ‘Marseille – Arrival’ and ending with ‘The Graveyard of Château d’If’ which, I think we can all agree, is something of a morbid downer. Let’s take a peek at what happened in my usual overly long and slapdash (but not at all comprehensive) manner…

“Heavens, it’s simple enough. You people, who hold power, have only what can be bought for money; we, who are waiting to gain power, have what is given out of devotion.”
“Devotion?” Villefort laughed.
“Yes, devotion. That is the honest way to describe ambition when it has expectations.”

” ‘Well so much the better for him… When he is altogether mad, he will suffer less.’ As you can see, this inspector was a man of the utmost humanity and altogether worthy of the philanthropic office with which he had been entrusted.”


Well that was a wild ride, wasn’t it? That’s all for Week 1 (aka chapters 1 – 20) folks, join me same place, same time, next week to discover what goes down in the next 20 chapters. Until then, remember: maybe don’t get into sacks intended for dead bodies.

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7 responses to “The Full Monte Readalong | Week One”

  1. … and sometimes he goes by Dangles anyway.

    Totally with you on this. I don’t speak a single word of French so their names never stick in my head unless I totally butcher it. And I’m not willing to go to prison to learn new languages :p

    I didn’t actually have a clue what this was about before I started reading it, but I’ve completely fallen in love with it. I’m halfway through this week’s reading already, just because I didn’t want to put it down!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one! In my head, everyone has different names – I learnt last year when reading War and Peace that if you don’t find your own way to keep everyone distinct for yourself, they sometimes blend into one, so Dangles it is. :P

      Once I am really on a roll with this, I can read pages and pages without even realising it so I completely understand that feeling. I think it’s written in such a way that makes you consume it quite quickly – unfortunately, I hit a rut last week because the entire Roman bandits section of the story REALLY dragged for me. Hoping it’ll pick up again soon! Good luck with your reading too!


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