The Full Monte Readalong | Week Six


Bonsoir mes amis et bienvenue sur le blog pour la sixième et dernière semaine du ‘Le Comte de Monte Cristo’.

For those unaware of the reason for my (frankly shoddy) French, I took part in Laura from Reading In Bed‘s 2018 summer readalong for Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo. To catch up with previous weeks, check out my sign-up post, my week one update, my week two updatemy week three updatemy week four update, and my week five update which will bring you up to speed with summaries of the first hundred chapters of the book. You can also see how I did (or didn’t do) by checking out my reading progress spreadsheet and the Twitter thread, or check out the hashtag #TheFullMonte.

Now, I’m saying all this above but, guys, we’ve come to the end: this will be my final weekly update for The Full Monte readalong. And, yes, “this” “week’s” post is very belated. We’re also playing it loose with the term “week”; needless to say it took me longer than a week to actually finish the final section of The Count of Monte Cristo, mainly for really mundane and boring reasons. But you know what (mostly) wasn’t mundane and boring? The final section of this book, so let’s just dive right into the (final) summary…

Well, that’s it, it’s done. It’s finally finished. For real. There’s no more chapters, no more update posts, no more gifs to be inserted needlessly. It’s been a journey, hasn’t it? For all its ups and downs, I’ve enjoyed the ride overall, and though I won’t give the book anything more than a pretty middle-of-the-road rating, I am still glad I read it and took the time to document that process through these posts. Thanks as ever go to Laura for organising this readalong, and for encouraging me to continue reading, even when I wanted to give up. For now, if I could give you one overriding take-away of this entire story it would probably be this gif to be honest:


PS – Stay tuned for a more calm and collected review of the book at some point in the near future.

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3 responses to “The Full Monte Readalong | Week Six”

  1. I did really enjoy reading this book, but I have to admit that I was glad when a new week began and I didn’t have to be reading this any more…

    Like when you’re on holiday, and it’s great, but it’s also nice to be home?

    I got quite irritated with a LOT of the characters in the final week’s reading. Mercedes, Max, Villefort, ESPECIALLY MADAME VILLEFORT… everyone.

    And yes, the Haidee/Count thing is a trifle odd, considering he’s pretty much her Guardian…

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    • I completely understand that feeling. I ended up liking the book more than I thought I would, but I still question the necessity of a lot of it. I just feel like the same story could have been told in a much more concise fashion and none of the impact lost. And I get that serialised books can have this tendency but there’s a line, I think.

      I was very satisfied with the court scene, and with the way that Monte Cristo tried to help Max out… that was something of a pay-off, but I couldn’t help but be kind of unsure about ending THIS book with the sentiment that waiting and hoping is for the best.

      The Haydee/Count thing confuses the hell of me. Multiple times there’s a very strange master/slave and father/daughter thing and then for it to morph into a romantic relationship…? It’s a bit… iffy to me.


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