The Full Monte Readalong | Week Four


Bonsoir mes amis et bienvenue sur le blog pour la quatrième semaine du ‘Le Comte de Monte Cristo’.

For those unaware of the reason for my (frankly shoddy) French, I am currently taking part in Laura from Reading In Bed‘s 2018 summer readalong for Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo. To catch up, check out my sign-up post, my week one update and my week two update, which will bring you up to speed with summaries of the first sixty chapters of the book. You can also see how I’m doing (or not doing) every single day, by checking out my reading progress spreadsheet and I’m also updating periodically in a Twitter thread, using the hashtag #TheFullMonte.

This week has proved (yet again) that I shouldn’t leave the majority of my reading until the weekend because I will hate Past Emma for her poor life choices. With two weeks left of the readathon, we shall seen if I learn from experience or continue to bumble on just about keeping up with the reading schedule. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at what happened in Chapters 61-80 in my usual overly long and slapdash (but not at all comprehensive) manner…










Aaand that’s all for Week 4 (aka chapters 61-80) folks! So join me same place, same time, next week to discover what goes down in the next 20 chapters. Until then, remember: even if you are really thirsty, maybe don’t drink an old man’s lemonade, it might be poisoned.

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3 responses to “The Full Monte Readalong | Week Four”

  1. It really irritated me when they suspected Valentine of poisioning everybody. Like, have you never MET this woman? It’s clearly not her. Perhaps it’s the woman who constantly complains about Valentine having all the money and her own son not? Hey, maybe it’s HER!

    And then it further annoyed me when Villefort put his fingers in his ears about the whole thing. He’s the magistrate, it’s his JOB to investigate, regardless of whether it’s your daughter!

    Haha, I was thinking the same thing about Eugenie and her… preferences. Glad it’s not just me.


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