The Full Monte Readalong | Week Two

Bonsoir mes amis et bienvenue sur le blog pour la deuxième semaine du ‘Le Comte de Monte Cristo’.

Ok, that officially exhausts all my French language knowledge. For those unaware of the reason for my (frankly shoddy) French, I am currently taking part in Laura from Reading In Bed‘s 2018 summer readalong for Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo. We’ve reached Week Two which meant joining the Count in chapters 21 through to 40, and boy what a ride it was – we had sailors, bandits, hash (not kidding), carnivals, public execution, and some important conversations too.

To catch up, check out my sign-up post and my week one update which contained a “summary” of the first twenty chapters of the book. You can also see how I’m doing (or not doing) every single day, by checking out my reading progress spreadsheet and I’m also updating periodically in a Twitter thread, using the hashtag #TheFullMonte.

At the end of Week One, we left Dantès in a rather precarious situation as he was sinking in the sea with a cannonball strapped to him. Suffice it to say, he survived, and the last section has been something of a transformation, along with a spot of cultural appropriation for good measure because why not. Would it really be a 19th century novel if it didn’t? But let’s take a peek at what happened in my usual overly long and slapdash (but not at all comprehensive) manner…

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The Full Monte Readalong | Week One

If you’ve been around these parts for some time, you may remember my participation in the War and Peace Newbies Readalong last year. I didn’t actually finish the book (I still haven’t, ok?) but I enjoyed the hell out of myself reading War and Peace and doing weekly summary posts of what had went down in Russia in the chapters I’d read that week. This summer brings Laura from Reading In Bed‘s 2018 readalong pick which is Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo – you may have seen my sign-up post last week – which is the book I am officially reading over the next six weeks.

I have a fancy reading progress spreadsheet with which you can track my progress down to the very page, and I’m also updating periodically on Goodreads and via Twitter, using the hashtag #TheFullMonte. However, I will also be continuing the tradition and doing weekly summary posts in which I recap how what has happened in the book in the past week’s chapters and how I feel about the story so far.

Week One brought with it the first 20 chapters of The Count of Monte Cristo, starting with the oh so excitingly titled ‘Marseille – Arrival’ and ending with ‘The Graveyard of Château d’If’ which, I think we can all agree, is something of a morbid downer. Let’s take a peek at what happened in my usual overly long and slapdash (but not at all comprehensive) manner…

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The Full Monte Readalong | Allons-y!

Bonjour, mes amis. ‘What is all this poor French in aid of?’ I hear you ask. Well, mes amis, it’s that time of year again when Laura from Reading In Bed hosts her annual summer readalong. Each year, she picks a daunting classic to tackle over the summer months. Last year, I participated for the first time when we all headed to Russia and hung out with those craaazy Bolkonskys and Rostovs in Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Unfortunately, I went on holiday during the end of the readalong and completely fell off the wagon and never finished War and Peace but shhhhh don’t tell anyone, let’s move on and foolhardily take on another long classic instead, shall we? Très bien!


This year, the classic chosen is… The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, and the readalong is amusingly titled The Full Monte, because it really IS the Fully Monty, none of these abridged versions in sight, just the real deal. It also means we all have an excuse to post multiple Full Monty gifs now. Très bien!

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